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  1. Robthebrit

    Camper mog videos

    I have not really been posting on here for the last year or so but you folks might find these videos interesting. As most of you know my camper mog was owned by a German couple who were on the road for 18 years. While on the road a documentary was made about them and the truck. I always had one...
  2. Robthebrit

    where to tie a strap on an impreza?

    The wife skidded off the road today and ended up in a little ditch. There was no damage but the ditch was too big to simply drive out. I went down the road in the little mog to pull her out but at the front of an Impreza there is nothing to tie to. I searched and searched but ended up pulling...
  3. Robthebrit

    Awesome 1300L ambulance box camper for sale

    This is a friend of mine who I have done a load of traveling with, the rig is awesome. Rob OM352 engine. Installed brand new from Mercedes in 1999. Runs incredible and no leaks at all. Fast axles (60-62mph)...
  4. Robthebrit


    Check this out, its seems a really useful 12v microwave, it also runs on 110 and its small. I had a traditional looking 12v microwave and it was rubbish, these seem a lot better. Rob
  5. Robthebrit

    Quick review of the 5DMkii

    I posted the other day the wife got me the new 5Dmkii but I hadn't had chance to use it, well at the weekend I got to play with it a little... The body feels great and its very sturdy, the weather sealing is much better than the original 5D. The button layout is pretty much the same as the...
  6. Robthebrit

    Wife bought me a 5Dmkii....

    It seems to be awesome but not as awesome as the wife!! Not played with it much yet, I just installed the software and upgraded lightroom to 2.2 so it will read the raw files. I will play with it over the weekend. On first glance the screen is awesome, so is the viewfinder. The menus are much...
  7. Robthebrit

    Sold a mog!

    I sold my yellow double cab unimog today, its going to a new life in upstate New York. I still have the little mog and the mog camper and I'll be able to put more effort into them. Rob
  8. Robthebrit

    UHN mog videos

    Someone posted these on the mog forum, the UHN's (latest gen real mogs) are pretty impressive but will never be available in the US and they only do 54mph.
  9. Robthebrit

    MPT81 on ice..

    If anybody is using the MPT81's for the earth roamer you might want to consider getting them siped if you are going to drive on ice/frozen packed snow. I did the ones on my mog and its like having a different tire. MPT81's work ok in snow but you get them on solid ice and all bets are off. We...
  10. Robthebrit

    Compact Printer

    I have been looking for a compact printer for a while and never found anything I like. I stumbled on a Canon Selphy ES1 photo printer at Fry's and thought I'd give it a try: It has a lot of nice properties for what we do. Pros...
  11. Robthebrit

    Plumbing an Espar Hydronic 4 heater

    Whats the best way for me to install this water heater, i want it to be used for hot water and a coolant heater. If I install both the hot water heat exchanger and heater on the coolant circuit it will serve its dual purpose and I get free hot water while driving. My question to those who...
  12. Robthebrit

    Unicat video

    Somebody posted this to the mog forums, you'll have to excuse the commentry. Check out the frame twist on some of those big trucks.
  13. Robthebrit

    I nearly set fire to the mog this morning!

    While on the mammoth trip over the weekend the power to my overhead console was annoying me, the main power wire is not big enough and if anything is running from the 12v sockets that take any real power the radio will cut out. I decided to install an 8 guage so it will handle everything I need...
  14. Robthebrit

    Bremach sighted in Barstow

    The family and I just got back home from a 3000 mile drive around the south west. Didn't really see any cool vehicles until we were almost home and stopped at Barstow for fast food. Parked in the parking lot was this really nice Bremach, it looked very capable. I waited around for the owners but...
  15. Robthebrit

    Air X wind turbine

    I picked on these up: I have yet to install it because it requires some fabrication, I am hoping to use it instead of a generator. The specs say it rated for 400W in ideal conditions but if it only generates half of that its more than I need, even at night...
  16. Robthebrit

    Tom Sheppard's GPS article is wrong.

    Its wrong in lots of ways. I really don’t like to point it out as the guy is well respected but an error is an error. Scott should have people proof read technical articles to ensure they are correct before they are printed; this is how myth becomes fact. He is geometrically a dimension off and...
  17. Robthebrit

    23 years on the road A Swiss couple have arrived in Taiwan after driving through 156 countries on their round-the-world trip which began 23 years ago. Emil Schmid, 65, and Liliana Schmid, 66, arrived from East Timor and kicked off their trip across Taiwan on Saturday from...
  18. Robthebrit

    Battery powered AC for campers

    On a reccomendation from a friend I just picked up a 5050btu in wall AC unit. The unit is 12x14x18 and rated 400W at 110v, its more than enough to cool 7x10 camper especially one with good insulation. I hooked it upto the 2000W inverter in the camper mog and it runs without a problem (anything...
  19. Robthebrit

    Camper mog

    I got my new custom size Zarges case today, I threw it on the top of the mog to see how it looks next to its brother who has been up there for 20 years. I'll bolt it down from the inside this weekend and then install the locking latches. Rob
  20. Robthebrit

    Evans coolant

    What do people think of it?, Does it work? Does anybody use it? From what I can figure out is that evans will be hotter than water for the exact same performance engine, water basically holds more engery that the evans. This is not a problem for the evans because it doesn't boil until 375...