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  1. aardvarcus

    1995 Big Red Burban

    Any progress?
  2. aardvarcus

    Anyone here running a Tremec 4050? And other manual with overdrive conversions

    I have done a couple NV4500 swaps, it is also the same length as a 4L60. I love the NV4500, swapped in a 1991 K2500LD and 1994 K2500 Suburban. Keep in mind there are different spline counts for the output of the transmissions/inputs to the transfer case, so if you have a 27 spline now your...
  3. aardvarcus

    Huh. Large format Anderson PowerPole connectors diff. colors, differently keyed?

    Here are some pictures that show the plug and weatherproof cover, along with the extension cord in use for the winch.
  4. aardvarcus

    Huh. Large format Anderson PowerPole connectors diff. colors, differently keyed?

    Yes, they are keyed differently for using different voltages, so you don't plug a 36v forklift into a 48v charger. I just use grey, they are usually the cheapest. I made a jumper cable extension cord with SB350s on both ends that I use with my winch in the rear or to jump start other vehicles. I...
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    Garmin Overlander

    So you own one?
  6. aardvarcus

    Garmin Overlander

    I don't know if we are supposed to say names of non-forum sponsors, but it was through a reseller at a major auction site stacking the $100 off from the reseller (599.99) with that aution site's rewards program (additional 8% or $48 off).
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    Garmin Overlander

    After consideration of all options for off the beaten path navigation, I ended up ordering the Garmin Overlander. I really don’t think the price is too far out of line, especially since it is on sale right now (551.99, new, free shipping). Needing to replace an aging on-road GPS, not already...
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Out hitting some trails at Prentice Cooper.
  9. aardvarcus

    Building a work truck ( slowly)

    Looks great. My "project" vehicle is a 1994 Suburban.
  10. aardvarcus

    Car Paint Colors & Temperatures

    Awesome test! I have seen similar tests, but this is the most scientific by far. Unfortunately when you are stuck on rare options, like a stick shift in a 4Runner, in decent condition with low miles sometimes you get stuck with the hottest color...
  11. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    Lastly I went over my tools, supplies, and recovery equipment. I had to replace some sockets that had wandered to the garage tools. I stocked up my kit with some trail-repair supplies. I swapped over to my dedicated offroading wheels and tires (Cooper Discoverer A/S 255/85R16) and went out on a...
  12. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    The next bit of lightweight protection was some additional skid plates under the transmission and transfer case. Bent these up out of ¼” aluminum, once again going for light weight protection not hardcore slamming or skidding. They are relatively strong, but if they were used hardcore would...
  13. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    Had some time to work on the 4Runner. Finished my “lightweight” rock sliders. These were built flat to double as steps. I had a set of purchased bolt on rock sliders on my last truck, but did not like the weight of them so they were taken off. To reduce weight, a single 2” square tube 3/16 thick...
  14. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    In other news, I was thinking about my front to rear weight distribution, and I decided that I wanted to try and move some weight out of the cargo area more to the middle of the vehicle. I had been pondering the utilization of the space under the front drivers seat, so last night I mocked up a...
  15. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    Jeff, On my usual drive it is a mixture of 70MPH interstate, 55 MPH highways and a few sections of 40MPH towns with red lights, all with lots of hills. I get my best fuel economy on the 55 MPH portions, with the steep hills, 70MPH sections, and the towns w/ red lights dragging down my average...
  16. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    Jeff, On my last truck (2005 Tacoma), going from street terrain to all terrain of the same size was a 1-2 MPG hit. (Michelin M/S2 to Cooper ATW, both 235/85R16) Wider tires are an additional hit. To get good MPG I focus on driving steady, not slow. I accelerate briskly (about 1/2 throttle) and...
  17. aardvarcus

    New to me 2000 Toyota 4Runner 4wd (Manual) with a catch!

    Seeing the LCA bracket not affixed to the frame is concerning for the integrity of the rest of the frame, I would suggest you find a wrecked/high milage/blown engine 3rd gen and swap things over. I am guessing you will have issues with siezed bolts and other things that would make a parts donor...
  18. aardvarcus

    Griffin the 1999 T4R Build

    99 Yota, Good thoughts, thanks for the feedback. I have dealt with the valve cover gaskets on my wife's 2000 T4R, mine aren't leaking (yet). I have the radiator hoses on hand to swap out, but I will see about ordering a new radiator while I am at it. The previous owner thought the transfer case...
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    6 Family EMP Proof 36-38' Expedition Rig

    Why not get a trailer to pull with your Suburban?
  20. aardvarcus

    Warn VR Evo

    I don't particularly understand the relevance of a winch test that doesn't include the winch line that is the subject of this thread nor its predecessors, however I would be very interested if they updated that several year old test and included this line of winches. One thing the test does make...