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    Van insurance and appraisal info ??

    Who do you guys use for insuring your vans? I have a UJOR low mile ultra clean van. I am interested in a solid stated value policy. Who have you used for appraisals? Thanks Doug
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    Trailer wiring Ford E350

    I have a 2000 E350 with a factory 4 flat plug. I wanna wire a 7 pin plug with brakes. There is a brake controller plug on the driver side kick panel. Though the brake wire ends somewhere in the harness. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks Doug
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    Diesel Tuner

    What tuner do you like for the e350 with a 7.3 ? And why. Mine is a 2000. Thanks Doug
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    Door seal rubber question.

    I spoke with the ford dealer and Fairchild neither had any idea. I am looking for a door seal on the door larger of the side doors. Any one know if it is the same as the passenger side rear door on door? 2000 ford E350 Thanks Doug
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    Toyo R/T Snow performance??

    Anyone running the Toyo r/t tires in the snow? If so how do you like them and what vechicle are they on? Thx
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    Older 80 or Newer 80 ??????????????????????

    Looking to buy an 80. What are the differences between the older ones verus the newer ones? Mostly a driver some mild offroad. Thanks for the help.
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    Fuel milage???? 80 and a 100

    Thinking of getting an 80 or an older 100. What kind of mileage do you guys get?
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    OLDER 4x4 conversion?????

    Has any one done a conversion on a 91 Ford e250? I know they were done by a few companys back then. What is the difference from the 92 and later using something like the U-joint stuff? Thx Doug
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    Who makes a aux fuel tank for my 2003 E 350 diesel van? Thanks Doug
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    Questions about Range Rover??????

    I am thinking about buying a 1996 Range Rover with 80,000 miles on it. It is in stock cond. What am I in for? Fuel mileage, dependabilty , required service , how do they handle in the snow driving not four wheeling. How hard are parts to get? Thanks Doug
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    4.2 to 4.6 SWAP?????

    Is the 4.6 a straight swap for the old 4.2 it's a 1977 motor? Thanks
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    Land Rover Diacovery SE questions

    I'm considering purchasing a used Land Rover for my girlfriend. Possibly a 2003 Discovery SE. I am not very familiar with the vehicle but am looking for something a bit bigger than I currently have, 4 wheel drive that will handle well in snow/icy conditions. Since I generally travel with dogs...
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    Love your tires??

    What tires do you like on your full size vans or trucks? I have had pretty good luck with B.F.G. A/T I run 305/70 16 On a 2003 E350 Quigley With a 7.3 P.S.
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    Quigly Shock choice????

    I have a 2003 E350 W/7.3 Power Stroke Done by Quigley. What shocks do you like that dont cost a fortune? If you have a part number that would be a huge help. Thanks Doug
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    Front axel bearing unit question

    Any idea how long a Ford front hub bearing unit will last with normal use??? It is in a 2003 E350 w/7.3 power stroke Quigley van Dana 60. Anbody have any idea they do a bearing unit instead of the old way? It is about 1000.00 in parts WTF!!!!!!
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    Wanted Ford Front Seats.

    Wanted Gray front seats for 2003 Ford E350. I live in S.W. Co.
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    Where did all the old posts go????????????

    I am new to Portal but what happend to all the old posts in this section?????? We all lost some good info. Did I miss something?
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    Quigley Lift?

    Looking at my Quigley front end and was wondering why you couldn't have someone like Alcan make some springs to give it a 1.5 to 2.0 inch boost?? My guess is you guys have some thoughts on this. Thanks, Doug
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    Pic's Homemade Custom Bumpers??

    If you have made or seen any nice looking custom bumpers. Please post the pic's if you have any. Or if you have any good ideas let me know. Thanks Doug
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    Pop Top??? Owner install?

    Does anybody sell a pop top for a full size ford van not a high top for home install?