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    Took the V8 FUSO for a spin

    If it can do US highway speeds without a problem fully loaded, you have my attention!
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    Interested in seeing the passthrough and how the rear of the truck was modified to accommodate.
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    If this can be done on a van cutaway, this is my destiny. I don't want the long nose of a truck to eat up my overall length, and I am not interested in any modern cab over chassis that can be bought in the USA due to horror stories and lack of easy dealer servicing. A cutaway could even...
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    Excellent.. I'm gonna say it: I want this on an e350 cutaway.
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    information needed

    Howard, Thanks for the insightful post. Not to derail the thread too much, but are you making any changes with prima terra II? Fixed roof vs lifting, etc?
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    SOLD: 2018 Ford Transit Quigley 4x4 Camper.

    It's just too bad the Ecoboost motor isn't available in the cab chassis
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    Mercedes Sprinter Fixed Cabin Expedition Camper

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's 2wd because the cutaway chassis isn't available in 4wd. And on the transit van side of the house, the cutaway isn't offered with the Ecoboost motor. Why is it so hard to get a sweet custom rig the way we want it in the USA without paying...
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    1992 E350 4x4 Ambo Conversion, Ohio

    What's the interior height? Can ya stand up straight?
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    Newbie questions....BLISS MOBIL and chassis

    Has a bliss body ever been applied to an f550?
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    Loaded Off-grid Overland Ram Promaster Conversion For Sale

    Can you run the AC off battery power? If so, how many hrs can you expect to get out of it with a full charge?
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    Very nice MAN Camper from Europe should be importable.

    Anyone know ballpark import fees? Also, where can the chassis be worked on in the USA for maintenance?
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    Air conditioning without a generator

    Just by chance, I saw the 2015 earthcruiser in the for sale section on exportal. He's got 540 amps and running a "Sun Power Technologies 6000BTU house air conditioner." Doing a google search, it looks to be this unit: I cant find pricing, but...
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    Air conditioning without a generator

    At overland expo west, the blismobil unimog was able to run an air conditioner off of its massive lithium ion bank/solar array. Has anyone else done this and what would a realistic cost estimate for a system like that be?
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Is that one of those ex-rental class C's? I believe called a "19G"?
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    Xpedition Camper out of Minnesota

    I saw your website and the new 'camper logic' name. Are you rebranding yourselves?
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    E350 Chinook Build

    Your work is so inspirational! What exterior color scheme do you have in mind?