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    Air conditioning without a generator

    At overland expo west, the blismobil unimog was able to run an air conditioner off of its massive lithium ion bank/solar array. Has anyone else done this and what would a realistic cost estimate for a system like that be?
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    What north American builder can make this?

    Looking for rig like the one in the pics. These are from Germany. Need a gasser, don't want ulsd drama in South America. I'd also like to avoid GXV premium price!
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    Sprinter Pods/Flares for Ford?

    As a 5'11" human, laying width-wise in my e-250 campervan doesn't work without contortion. I see the sprinter gang has mitigated this issue with pods or flares thru vanspecialties and flarespace. Has anyone attempted to either create, or fit one of these flares to their ford van? Thanks in...