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    Bolt in floor?

    I'm hoping the bolts corrode before the aluminum. I check it often and didn't want to chance the aluminum corroding. The bolts are easy to come by and replace. I'd also read the SS bolts could cause similar problems, so I went the cheaper route. It also seems that since the bolts are so much...
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    Bolt in floor?

    I recently put a 1/4" aluminum plate on the bed my little steel-framed utility trailer. I tend to suffer from analysis paralysis and over thought galvanic corrosion. My cheap solution was to cover the steel really well with a Rustoleum primer/paint, then put a PVC/foam seal (same used between...
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    Bailey's 2010 Tundra w/ FWC | Adventure Build & Photos

    So why did you end up selling it? It seemed like a great set up for you.
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    Pictures of Expedition Motorcycles

    Great pics. Mind sharing a little more info on the location? That first Pic looks like the Walker River....?
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! Thanks, I needed that!
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    SOLD Off-Road trailer with RTT Bakersfield Ca

    When researching how I want to modify my utility trailer, I ran across yours on Outside's YouTube channel. Great job and I'm impressed by your attention to detail. GLWS
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    Should it stay or should it go?

    I've followed your builds I've run across here on expo and can say that your attention to detail is admirable (something I've had to set aside with three boys and a wife that can't remember where she put her keys). :ROFLMAO: I also saw your other post on a new Powerwagon and was put off by all...
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    Yetti's 2007 outfitter APex project.

    I've had success with WD40. But be careful what you're spraying it on. I wouldn't recommend spraying it on any kind of seal or rubber.
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Do you know what bumper your buddy has on his Tundra?
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    My Tundra Build

    Great build. Where did you source the grill and color-matched surround?
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Looks fun. What campground is that?
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    So, quick question again about your 12 volt receptacle. I'm gathering parts for a similar project but the 10 gauge wire is confusing me. I was looking for 10AWG, but I can't find red/black together that is suitable. What wire did you use and where did you purchase it? Thanks in advance.
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Been following this thread for years. Thanks for all your effort and ideas. Got my Tundra about 9 months ago (in large part because of inspiration from you and Desert Dawg) and have been super pleased ever since. Back in your first post on this thread, you show a picture of a 12 volt...
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    Looks great! Congratulations! Wondering why you want to swap the bumper. Still looks good and proper proportions/approach. What's your goal?
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    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    Wow! That was phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.
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    Los Angeles -Class Attack Sub(urban), Build / Collected Werks topic - '02 k1500 Z71

    What app are you using for your engine vitals? Bluetooth ODBII dongle?
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    416 style w/ RTT vs Fiberglass travel trailer

    The cool factor of an off-road trailer with RTT is very appealing. We've had two travel trailers and a toy hauler. The wife and I have 3 sons that are getting big (17,15 and 11). While we were in between trailers, I convinced her to try a RTT. It just so happens that Tepui rents them out on a...
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    Truckfridge fridge/freezer sale

    After using it this weekend in our SUV, I have pleased with it. It stayed at 34° inside the vehicle overnight and then all day on Saturday without running the motor. I didn't measure the voltage draw, but can qualitatively say that it is efficient.
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    Cheap Fridge <$400 shipped

    You can also get a coupon code from the Facebook page to get the same deal. I got mine yesterday and am excited to use it!
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    Truckfridge fridge/freezer sale

    Just wanted to share what I thought was a good deal (no affiliation other than a customer). is having a sale on their fridge/freezers. If you check out their Facebook page they have a coupon code that takes 25% off their web price and gives free shipping until the end of July...