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    LabRak awning mounts - new

    Picked these brackets up from the guy I bought my Hannibal awning from, but didn't end up using them. Designed to mount most awnings to your Thule or Yakima load bars. They would need either the companion LabRak mounting brackets, or I thought about using some small u-bolts instead. While these...
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    Combined Federal Campaign charities - Tread Lightly & Blue Ribbon Coalition

    For any Federal government employees, with the Combined Federal Campaign underway, there are at least two organizations that you may want to consider giving to for 2013. Tread Lightly Blue Ribbon Coalition There are likely others as well, but I've made it a point to donate to these two...
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    Adding battery monitor to teardrop

    Been thinking about adding a battery monitor to my teardrop, and am looking for opinions. I've dealt with simple voltage meters, but I'd like to be better able to monitor available capacity, especially as I'll be ramping up my usage due to my fridge and some other additions, while down the road...
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    Max Coupler installation

    Seems like this should be a simple topic, but I found the instructions that came with my, what I believe to be first gen Max Coupler, to be lacking (terms describing the same object seem to change from one sentence to the next), and though I've talked to a few people about it, but I guess I'm...
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    Interesting teardrop

    Not for serious offroad by any means, and not my taste, but I do appreciate how different this teardrop is. Herb
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    New (to me) Krawler 459

    Put down a deposit last week, and today just picked up our new-to-us Krawler 459. Fairly basic, but after we use it a while, we'll take it to SoCal Teardrops to have options added. Herb
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    Campmate Chuck Box (Detroit area) $50

    Found this with a LOT of searching on Craigslist, asked the guy if he'd ship on my dime and he said yes. Paid for the box and shipping. A week later he tells me USPS won't ship it as parcel post (HUH?) and refunds my money. Maybe he's sold it locally and is blowing smoke, but maybe he still has...
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    GoPro HD Hero 960 for sale

    Picked this up a few months ago, never took it out of its packaging, and am not going to use it anytime soon, so I'm looking to see if anyone is interested. Includes: GoPro HD Hero 960 (170 degree wide angle lens, waterproof to 180 feet) Rechargeable Lithium Ion batery (3.7V, 1100mAh) Two flat...
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    FS: 2011 Camper Wagon Frontier

    No affiliation, just came across it on eBay. Couldn't figure out how to copy and paste any of the pictures from the ad. Herb...
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    SOLD: 10L Wavian Jerry Can - Brand New

    British manufacture of a can similar (identical?) to a Wedco jerry can. Manufacturer lists the color as Khaki. Has never had fluids in it. Absolutely brand new though has some minor scuff marks on it from storage. Includes a brand new spout still in the package. Not quite sure how much to ask...
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    SOLD '06 Sportsmobile 4x4 (Ford E350 EB diesel) - SOLD

    Location: Ventura, CA Ford specs 2006 E350 EB cargo van 6.0L PowerStroke diesel Two front Captains seats (leather) w/aftermarket seat heaters - power driver’s seat Ford power door locks Ford power windows Ford extra heavy duty alternator Ford engine block heater Ford heavy duty trailer tow...
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    FS: Superwinch roller fairlead

    Fairlead from a Superwinch EP9.0 Fairlead was installed for two days on my Bronco (without any winchline) but I decided that a fairlead with a slightly closer vertical roller spacing would work better given my fairlead mounts. My tape-measure measurements: vertical roller spacing: 9 7/8"...
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    SOLD: Brand new WEDCO 5 gallon fuel can with spout

    Brand new Wedco jerry can wit spout. Has never had fuel in it, and still has the stickers on it as it came. Has a few minor scuff marks on it from it be moved around in storage. This is my one and only jerry can that I'm selling. Asking $90 shipped to contiguous 48 states. Herb
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    SPOT Satellite Communicator recall

    Bought a Delorme PN-60w SE that is paired with a SPOT Satellite Communicator a little while back, more or less for a mini-excursion/roadtrip with my five year old son. The wife was a little concerned that we'd be in some locations where communication would be poor/non-existent, so I picked up...
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    Coleman 58qt Xtreme Marine Plus Cooler

    Just in case any of you need a cooler for your adventures, I think this is a smoking deal. The subject cooler on sale at marked down from $99.99 to $38.28, with less than $10 shipping charge. I'm half-tempted to pick one up at this price, but even at this price I can't justify it...
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    WTB: Scepter MFC Cap Strap

    Looking for a source for the red and yellow Scepter cap straps. I see that DS Tactical sells them for ajust about $5 a piece which is fine, but it shipping costs are a little pricey. Looking to see if someone had a CONUS source before I go north of the border. Herb
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    WTT - Brand new Wedco for new yellow Scepter

    Looking to see if someone wants to take in trade a brand new 5 gallon, red Wedco (with brand new Wedco spout) in exchange for providing me for a brand new 20L yellow (diesel) Scepter fuel can. The Wedco is non-CARB. Not currently interested in selling the Wedco, but if the right trade does not...