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  1. Christian P.

    New luxury Roof Top Camper soon on the market.

    I just discovered this new camper this morning. I was blown away by both the specs and the price. Look at it, and take a moment to let it sink in... :)
  2. Christian P.

    When did mountain biking become so specialized!

    I am agonizing about which bike to buy next. Not only it's hard enough to decide between a 27.5 or a 29, now my friends are buying gravel bikes and trying to convince that's the way to go. And now there is also the electric mountain bikes I have to consider. I am not even getting into the...
  3. Christian P.

    0% financing on 2020 Tacoma

    0%/60 months on new Tacoma. I have seen it on Tundra before, but not Tacoma.
  4. Christian P.

    Ford Ambulance 7.3 $6000

    I think some of you like these ones...
  5. Christian P.

    Has the new Yamaha Tenere 700 arrived in North America yet?

    I think I see one of these in my near future to replace the KTM950 I sold a couple years ago. Seems very comparable specs, but perhaps a bit less high maintenance.
  6. Christian P.

    ARB Awning Room 2500 x 2100 - ARB4407A - Brand new in the box. BACK FOR SALE

    Brand new - does not fit my current awning. I believe it is discontinued and it will fit older ARB awning - not the current ones. $150 or best offer.
  7. Christian P.

    2000 Tiger XL Chevy Astro AWD - $21000 (Reno)
  8. Christian P.

    1999 Td5 Defender - Overland Ready - $27000usd

    I came across this on Facebook. Looks like the owner is in San Francisco and just completed a trip across Africa. Defender is located in Cairo. No relation Original Ad: Hi! I’m selling the Land Rover Defender that I used to cross Africa. Inspirational video here...
  9. Christian P.

    Nissan NVP 4wd Dealer conversion

    Has this been discussed before? Apparently you can buy a full warrantied Nissan NVP van with a Titan XD 4x4 conversion from the dealer. The videos are quite impressive, especially the comparison with the aftermarket conversion. What's the catch? No FSA...
  10. Christian P.

    Welcome to the new Mid Size section!

    Someone pointed out that we had a Full size section on the forum but nothing specifically for Mid Size. So post up here about your Canyon or Ranger, or even Dakota...
  11. Christian P.

    Sad news today on the 2020 Dakar
  12. Christian P.

    Duaron Poptop Camper - Interesting concept.

    How many pop-tops do you want?
  13. Christian P.

    First Panam Journey in an Electric RV? Check out "Route Del Sol"

    To my knowledge, this is the first attempt to do the entire Panam in an electric RV.
  14. Christian P.

    The Expidithor - a 4x4 boat.

    My friend built this prototype to get to some remote lakes in Northern Quebec. This was the first version and was mostly built to demonstrate the hydraulic actuator concept he has developed. He has since built a new version of this "4x4 boat" which is more refined. I thought that some of you...
  15. Christian P.

    Jaguar Land Rover buys performance 4x4 firm Bowler

    That's an interesting twist. "The likelihood is that the Bowler name will be used on Land Rover models as extreme, off-road variants. " That seems to indicate that Land Rover is serious about...
  16. Christian P.

    Two Rivian R1T being tested down in Tierra Del Fuego

    Somehow I had missed that big news. Pretty impressive I think. It seems like Ewan McGregor's has a new travel show coming up. It looks like they may be driving the PanAm with these trucks (and with a support crew, with two Sprinter 4x4 and a Ford 6.2). And apparently even four(4) Harley...
  17. Christian P.

    2018 Winnebago Revel 4x4 on Copart - with what seems to be very minimal damage.

    I am not entirely sure how a couple dents would send a $140K Sprinter 4x4 to Copart...but judge it yourself... :)
  18. Christian P.

    Hymer VisionVenture Sprinter 4x4 concept.

    I don't know where to start...
  19. Christian P.

    Podcast - The Story Behind ADV Rider Forum - Chris MacAskill

    I am not sure if this has been posted here? Very interesting story: