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  1. jah310

    Death Valley 2018

    Hey everyone - I just wanted to share a few pics and trip details from our Thanksgiving trip through Death Valley. The trip was EPIC! A few key stats: Rigs - 3 Toyota Land Cruisers (two 80 series and one 200 series) and one custom trailer Tents - 3 iKampers and one Camp King Crew - 6 adults...
  2. jah310

    SOLD! - FOR SALE 2010 Toyota Tacoma - TRD Off Road Double Cab 49,725 miles

    SOLD FOR SALE: 2010 Toyota Tacoma Location: East Bay, San Francisco, CA Price: $27,850 Description: TRD Off Road package, 4 door Double cab, manual 6 speed transmission. Icon Front Coil Over suspension, Icon Rear Suspension, OME Dakar Rear Leafs, 285 75 16 BFG All Terrains, ARE Shell...
  3. jah310

    Jah310 Land Cruiser Build

    So my wife and I are expecting our third child so we upgraded to a 200 series for our new family adventure vehicle. It's going to be super hard to leave the Tacoma since that truck just rocked, but I'm pumped to start another build. It's going to be pretty mild - start with a lift and tires...
  4. jah310

    Eezi Awn 1800 $1750 - SF Bay Area

    *SOLD* Looking to perhaps upgrade to the larger 2200 eezi Awn as the family is growing faster than I thought! I want to sell the eezi- awn series 3 1800 to fund the new tent. It's in great shape and has been awesome. We just want a bit more space. We've used it on the trailer I built and love...
  5. jah310

    Parking Brake Cable on Dexter Backplate

    I’m trying to set up the parking brake system on my trailer - in fact it’s one of the last things I need to do on my build before I get it poweder coated . (See signiture for the build thread). My axle is a standard dexter 3500 pound unit with brakes that include a parking break lever. See...
  6. jah310

    eezi awn 1800 mounting -help!

    I've gotten far enough on my trailer build that I'm able to mount my RTT tent, however I'm running into an issue with the mounting hardware. As I'm sure you guys know, the RTT has aluminum rails on the bottom that are used for mounting to load bars. On one side (driver side) the rails are...
  7. jah310

    Wanted - eezi awn 3 series 1800 RTT

    Anybody looking to unload an eezi awn 1800 3 series? I'm in SoCal. It's probably a long shot but worth asking... Thanks.
  8. jah310

    Jah310 Trailer Build. Here goes...!

    Decided after much debate and a growing family that I wanted to build my own trailer that will support a RTT. I've been enamored with RTTs for the longest time but just could never justify it as I felt that having one on the tacoma alone wasn't worth it. Plus no place to put my surf boards : )...
  9. jah310

    Solar Panel Setup W/ IBS Dual Battery Syatem

    I want to install a solar set up to supplement my ibs dual battery set up which is primarily used to power my 50qt ARB fridge. My plan for now is to start with one 60watt panel and hook it up to a Morningstar Sunsaver SS-10. See websites below. I have a few questions: Would it be okay to...
  10. jah310

    Supercharger / Baja ?

    So I've Always daydreamed of having a bit more power for my double cab 4x4 2010 v6 Tacoma. I've read a ton of good things about the Trd supercharger and if money wasn't a concern I think I'd pull the trigger. My only concern is the fact that they suggest you run higher octane gas - not so much...