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  1. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2019!

    We've been a number of times and the campground gets very busy, we try to get there on the wednesday and already the campground is filling up, It does not help that some of the Locals reserve large spaces by roping off favourite areas. this is a PITA and needs to be addressed by the organisers...
  2. Gren_T

    Plymouth - Dakar (Banjul) Challenge

    Hi, yes made it all the way, though the truck blew its brake master cylinder in the desert & I ended up topping up the lost fluid with engine oil - drove the rest of the way with very poor brakes, I spent a week exploring the gambia & southern senegal before flying home before the truck was...
  3. Gren_T

    Volvo C304 (4x4) Restore and fitout - WR7002

    Excellent build. many thanks for taking the time to post(y)
  4. Gren_T

    Plymouth - Dakar (Banjul) Challenge

    Hi, I was also on the 2007 PBC with team lost boyo's in a £91 mitshbishi shogun with 200,000 miles on the clock and averaged 30mpg over the entire trip. I had a great time, especially with the Americans in the yellow school bus sadly they did'nt make it across from spain due to the bus having a...
  5. Gren_T

    Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019

    Ok chaps looks like we we be doing a guided safari this time in Tanzania then on to Zanzibar. Still not sorted an operator but many thanks for your input. Regards Gren
  6. Gren_T

    Chevy g30 Pathfinder

    Very nice.
  7. Gren_T

    Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019

    Thanks for the info I'll have a look.
  8. Gren_T

    Recomendations for 4x4 hire or safari tour operator Tanzania 2019

    Hi all, can anyone recomend a 4x4 hire or safari tour operator for tanzania. we are looking to travel march 2019. thanks all Gren
  9. Gren_T

    1980 Land Rover Lightweight Series III Build

    Ouch.. but it is very nice.. thanks for the prompt reply I'll be following your build with interest regards Gren
  10. Gren_T

    1980 Land Rover Lightweight Series III Build

    That is looking great, where did you get the locker for the seat box? cheers..
  11. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!

    cant make it this year, hope the good weather holds out take plenty of photos & enjoy
  12. Gren_T

    Defender TD5 Help needed!

    sounds like your fuel pump is dead or close to it, go for a gen replacement others dont seem to last.
  13. Gren_T

    Fj Cruiser Roof Rack

    Try as I know they stock ARB roofracks for Toyota but not sure about the FJ, or failing that a call to Tom's and they may have a contact for you. I know these...
  14. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!

    The VW is a Crafter 4x4, prior to seeing the crafter I was looking for a good 4x4 sprinter, we are now looking for a Crafter 4x4 to replace our T5. I took a few pics of the Vw's I'll try and post them up ASAP
  15. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!

    A Few more from the campsite. Lots of trucks up for sale, If you are in the market for a travel ready camper here is the place.
  16. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!

    Sorry for the poor quality iPhone pics. The lower campsite is filling up around the edges but lots of space in the centres of the fields. Our VWT5 & neighbours a Unimog & Styer.
  17. Gren_T

    Abenteuer & Allrad 2017!

    We've arrived at the camp ground with quite others already here.
  18. Gren_T

    Best Aftermarket Seats?

    These : your arse will love em.
  19. Gren_T

    How would you prep a vehicle for international travel?

    The KISS priciple works well here, manufactures spend millions optimising their vehicles, some small mods are benificial however almost all the vehicle failures I've seen in north & west africa were due to badly prepped or overloaded vehicles. Dual batteries come in handy when running aux items...
  20. Gren_T

    What are you lining your interior walls with?

    When I did the van out I used 1/4 birch ply panels with automotive stretch carpet stuck to it, behind the panels there is a sandwich of synthetic insulation between silver reflective material stuck to the van sides. Its been warm and very hard wearing over the last 3yrs.