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    Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

    I have been approached by a small company with the plans to build an expedition company like no other. With the company owner being a Land Rover enthusiast also it was an easy sell, we discussed the idea of using Land Rover defenders, but due to the time it would take to acquire 10 defenders and...
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    Inflatable kayak canoe unsinkable and see thru floors..2 person

    I have decided to sell out conquest inflatable canoe, this unit works flawlessly the couple of times we used was really nice chage of pace to be able to get out on the river or lake and do a bit of water based relaxation or fishing..packs up neatly into a duffle bag sized unit that can...
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    Upscale expedition defender 90..???

    While I know this is a bit of a stretch in the expedition realm of things, and if it's not wanted here then mods please feel free to delete it.. Until goes.. I've had this low mileage 1997 defender 90 station wagon sitting around for a while and trying to decide what to do...
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    Defender 110 double cab with Isuzu turbo diesel build up...

    Well it seems I have a shoot load of parts laying around my warehouse that are too big and bulky to bother shipping but I can't throw them the logical thing to do is buy a truck to put them on....:)... My wife doesn't see my logic on this.. So as if I didn't have enough on my project...
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    Longitude expedition "Drive Around The World" vehicle #1 disco2

    This is another truck I found a while ago and simply had to have it. This is vehicle number 1 driven by the famed Nick Baggarly ( ) as far a Land Rover history and expedition travel is concerned I think this is as close as we can get to a...
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    Hannibal tents and awning group buy..?.

    Since the hannibal dealer here in the USA has disappeared..AGAIN.. I spoke to the owner of hannibal South Africa and I am buying a tent and rack from him, he agreed that if I wanted to put together a group buy on hannibal equipment we could get a discount on them, and save on shipping... Sooooo...
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    Very cool expedition land rover..

    So a guy comes to me the other day and says he wants to sell his disco that has been around the world, I tell him...sure, I may be interested (without sounding toooo excited). He says he'll be right back.. 3 weeks later and he still hasn't come back and I'm kicking myself for not getting his...
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    Prepping a defender 130 for around the world..

    Well some of you may know us from my other thread, (prepping the camel trophy for around the world..) while the modifications that were performed on that truck worked awesome while we lived in it for nearly a year, the limitations of what could be installed on the truck without damaging...
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    Folding table.

    I have this folding table that has been a great little table but we don't need it any more.its about 32 inches square and comes with its own carrying Bag..Folds up into its bag to about 32 inches long by about 8 inches high by about 2-3 inches thick.. Works great and very easy to setup.. $40...
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    Hennessy hammocks

    I have 2 brand new never been used Hennessy hammocks.. These are the explorer versions.. I don't thnk I have ever even had them out of the bags... They have just been stored in our roof box in a water proof bag and we are just lightening the load.. These are supposed to be the best think since...
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    For sale satellite phone..

    I have a Qualcomm sat phone that I don't have any use for as I am heading to Europe and won't be using it.. Works great, has 2 batteries and all the chargers etc... Comes in its own pelican's $200 sound.. Plus shipping.. Email or text me at (954) 778-0346..
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    ARB roof top tent..

    I have an ARB roof top tent that I was keeping for a project but have decided to sell it.. Tent is in excellent shape and was barely ever used..cover was a little faded and had a rub through on one side but this happened in storage.. Took the cover off and had it all repaired and put back...
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    Propane hot water heater..

    Well it's getting close to the time I have to head out to the Maya Rally and some last minute stuff needs to sell.. Forgot I had this.. D-90 Source: hot water heater (by the rover shop) Here is a propane operated hot water heater...allows you to...
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    rei camp table full size family..

    Here is a XL REI camp measures 55' long x 32' wide x 28' high...this is a great table but too big for the 2 of us vs the space we have to deal with so we got a smaller version.. $50 plus shipping..????
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    hannibal roof top tent and adventure trailer..

    Please see ad in expedition equipment section..
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    hannibal RTT for sale and adventure trailer

    Started to build this trailer to drag behind me on the upcoming world trip...logistics and practicality has put a kabosh on the here they are for sale....The trailer started out as a M101a if I recall correctly,I took the axle out and had the spindles replaced to accept the land rover...
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    land rover adventure trailer..

    I was going to take this trailer around the world so I started with a m101 military trailer, removed all of the very heavy hand brake system and hubs and military wheels and had the rear axle modified by a professional by welding on land rover hub spindles to use the defender wheels and had the...
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    Tirfor griphoist grip hoist

    Here is a (I believe) 4000 lb tirfor or griphoist ..takes the 7/16 cable.. These are supposed to be the best thing out there as far as hand winches are concerned..thing is really freaking heavy and in good condition.. It appears to have had a repair done to the handle unit...possibly to repair/...
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    tirfor...griphoist...the best manual winch available..???

    I recently needed some form of manual hand winch in case of rollover or pulling backwards etc etc...after much deliberating i settled on the tirfor 4000lb unit with the 7/16 cable...the cable also acts as a backup power winch cable extension...that gives me a total of about 200ft... I bought 2...
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    Webasto st2000 space heater..

    Looking at buying a diesel fired interior space heater like the Webasto ST2000 for the inside of my defender 110..supposedly uses about 0.05 gallons per hour..runs for 12 hours on less than a gallon of diesel with very little electrical draw...may have a good purchase price on a couple of barely...