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    The other e350 Mg metalworks 4x4 swap

    Send an email through our contact page and I’ll forward our informational package to you. Thanks!
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    The Rig Runner ...a 2010 E350 5.4 DIY Coil Conversion

    Pull the code with Forscan. It is not uncommon for the clockspring to fail. One bad connection will throw a code and turn that light on.
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    I made a hinge for mine but you can buy them now online.
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Yes, I was planning on having adapters available if anyone is interested. I've also reached out to Expedition One to see if they might want to start offering an Eseries option. If enough people reach out to them, it might help move that along.
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Not Tundra...Chevy 2500.
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    MG Metalworks Van Build

    Dusting off this ol' thread for some updates! The Cummins van has been getting a lot of love lately. New L-track floor inside, Scheel-Mann seats in the rear, the A/C system has been charged and the air blows cold now (Note...since I'd taken out the PWM cooling fan, running the A/C controls...
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    Expovans Transit 4x4 Conversions

    I'm not ready to get into the nitty-gritty details yet but I've changed directions with some things for this Transit conversion and re-focused my efforts on three key goals: 1) A simple install that a DIY'er can easily accomplish with common tools 2) A price point competitive with other...
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    FS, New in box: Atlas II Transfer Cases 3.0:1

    I have a few Atlas II transfer cases new in box for sale. Changed course on a big project and no longer have an immediate use for these. Would rather see them get used than sit around my shop. -Trail series, 3.0:1 reduction -Driver side drop -Ford 31 spline input shaft -Flange yoke outputs...
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I'm outta the Sienna seat mount game. Wide open market for others to jump in and fill a need.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    2011+. Not sure about anything newer than '18...haven't seen any of the newer ones.
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    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    latches and mounting points are the same with those seats pictured and the recliners
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    Ford E-Series Rear Shackle Flip

    I feel like it is relevant to share my academic background when someone like you repeatedly says things that are misguided or misinformed, especially about my work and livelihood. Again, I'd be happy to engage folks in a real, professional, technical discussion about 4x4 van suspension and...
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    Ford E-Series Rear Shackle Flip

    I'll give you that a radius arm suspension doesn't flex like leafs. It's not designed for a substantial amount of flex so it's no real surprise. Not everyone wants or needs a lot of flex in their 4x4 van so I don't see it as a big disadvantage. I'll take the tighter turning radius and better...
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    E-350 wiring question - tapping in to Smart Junction Box (SJB)

    Ha! What timing! I just ran out of these terminals and the part number wasn't legible on the bag. Now I don't have to dig for the info! (y)
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    Ford van sliding door clearance issues??

    DIY route.. Slider door hinge extension tutorial
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    The OME shocks don't extend far enough for the springs to unseat. We've never experienced any issues and I put these shocks/springs in ~100k miles ago. The vehicle's steering is a little slow to return to center but other than that, it drives fine with the caster as it is. It hasn't been an...
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    Yes.... I do curse its unnecessary complexity and the cost of parts to a degree but it has actually been less of pain than most of the vehicles I've owned. will get more pics when we're out at the coast. It is more photogenic there. and yes... Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx tires. They have been...
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    Someone with deep pockets and a thorough understanding of the electronics in the system that have to be dealt with...not to mention the challenging mechanical fit issues and limited availability of (Ford compatible) passenger drop T-case assemblies or components. As they say, anything is...
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    It's been a long time... Our G has performed very well pulling mostly commuter duty for my wife for the last several years. We've put 100k miles on the rig and had only a few little things to fix along the way. All in's been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Recently had a...
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    2012 NPR Sale

    This truck has sold.