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  1. JIMBO


    FOR SALE--2018 JLU SAHARA All terrain tires/Deluxe wheels_(5)-including TPMS XMITTERS --$500 cash- Tires have less that 100 miles wear and are PERFECT ! LOCAL PICK UP--FERNLEY, NV-$500 CASH--EMAIL JIMBO
  2. JIMBO

    For Sale 2018 jeep sahara tires/wheels

    5 ea, 2018 Jeep JLU Sahara 255/70x18 all weather tires and deluxe wheels, with less than 100 miles use- PERFECT CONDITION--$500 bucks--local pickup- Location FERNLEY, NV JIMBO
  3. JIMBO


    NEW 2018 jeep RUBICON BFG LT285/70RX17 KO2--BASE RUBICON ALLOY WHEELS/w TPMS XMITTERS INSTALLED--perfect condition--$1000.00 bucks FERNLEY, NV -30 miles east of RENO--I80- These are BRAND NEW 30 miles on 4 and spare NEW/unused--these will also fit all JK jeeps--LOCAL PICKUP--CASH/CERTIFIED...
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    Location Fernley, Nv- For Sale (2) new as issued 2dr RUBICON SLIDERS(RAILS) AND ALL HARDWARE- PRICE--- $150 CASH--LOCAL PICKUP JIMBO
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    LOCATION FERNLEY NorNv--30 miles EAST of Reno--I80 For Sale (5) new JL Rubicon BFG AT LT285/70Rx17 tires and RUBICON ALLOY wheels/w TPMS xmitters--$1200 cash or certified check--local pickup- New/w less than 50 miles use-and will also fit JK JEEPS JIMBO
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    16" wheels on RUBICONS

    I can't reply/answer a post, so I'll try it this way Using a 16 " wheel on the 2018 Ruby, with BIG BRAKES depends solely on the mfg and wheel wall taper--my PROCPMPS have 3/8" clearance because they have 4.5" backspace and that seems to be desired, or less--will give plenty caliper/wheel...
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    Since my return from Ca. I've installed the HANKOOK DYNAPROS/PROCOMP 16" wheels from my "08 JKUR and the DYNOMAX DUAL catback muffler-- JIMBO
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    2018 2 DR. JL JEEP RUBICON

    Orders placed 1-22-18-delivery 7-13-1after dealer preflight/checklist/detail/wash/fill tank-I picked it up this afternoon-7-14-18- I'll take some pics early next week, before I goto Ca.- Beautiful RED color--no damage/scuff/scratch and the 6-spd tranny is a real delight/pleasure to use, seems...
  9. JIMBO

    2016 Dodge Ram Sport 4x4-Crew Cab/Short bed

    :sombrero:For Sale 2016 Dodge Ram 4x4 sport crew cab/w ARE canopy--$38,000 - 5.7L HEMI /8spd auto/3.92 diffs/all leather interior/"STINGER YELLOW" SPECIAL EDITION/Goodyear P275X60rX20 TIRES/alloy wheels/bed liner/bed rug/tow hooks-- Engine detailed/added VARARAM intake and ENHANCED engine...
  10. JIMBO

    New 5"x18"/w 2.25" inlet

    For Sale a pair of 5"x18"/w 2.25" inlet chrome exhaust tips- -$100 bucks, local pick up, can be shipped cost plus- Available in Fernley, Nv--89408 :costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO
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    Stock 2016 dodge ram dual exhaust tips-

    For Sale a pair of 2016 dodge ram sport/5.7l hemi dual exhaust tips- --$100 bucks/ local pick up, can be shipped/cost plus Available at Fernley, Nv-89408 :costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO
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    NorNv snow 1 ft--1-5-2017

    :sombrero: Well we got our first snow of the year, about a foot today and guesstamate 4deg F--tonight- I took my new ram out in the desert where I used to take my JKUR and although the RAM can't go where the JKUR did--it's pretty handy and If you handle her carefulyl--those Goodyear Wranglers...
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    No more jeep--for now

    :sombrero: Well, my jeep's over 8 years old now and the forays with my little trailer are fewer-- The bear scare really soured my wife on the tent/light trailer camping, so it's on to bigger things-- Here's the old After 53 mods--I was finished anyway- Here's the new Heh Heh, yeah--I...
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    NorNv Desert Heat

    :sombrero: Heh Heh, here in the Nv desert (4200 ft) it gets pretty hot during the summer/w nice temps at night- This pic I took last summer after I put the TEPUI RTT on top my jeep and went out in the forbidden land- Now this pic is what happens when the EL NINO runs amok, California gats a...
  15. JIMBO

    -MTV--(Maiden Tepui Voyage)

    :sombrero: Time is of the essence and I found the camera SD card I'd misplaced in Las Vegas- Here she goes I've gone to this part of the Sierras for over 14 years and evidently (first time)the Pacific Lumber Co (?) has timed/chosen/selected this are to do daily lumber tree...
  16. JIMBO

    Dana 44 gears

    For sale: Full set (Front/Rear)of Dana 44--- 4.10 ring/pinion- Removed from 2008 Jeep Rubicon (JKUR) 10,000 miles-perfect condition- Located Fernley. Nv-89408 Price $100 bucks/set (both)
  17. JIMBO

    New 36" gas struts--2 ea

    For sale--2 ea 36" x 20" gas struts--new/unused 10mm hinge sockets- They are 100lb struts, were to be used for off-road trailer, but not- Will sell for $50 bucks cash, if local and cashiers check if shipped-which will be added to the $50 bucks- Location is Fernley, Nv 30 minutes East of reno...
  18. JIMBO

    For Sale--set of Bushwacker "Pocket" flares-JEEP

    :sombrero: One set (4) Bushwacker "Pocket" flares for 07/11 JEEP JKU (4dr)-$250 cash- Great condition/no fade/all hardware- Location Fernley, NorNv--30 minutes East of Reno-Hiwy I80- :costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO
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    Tepui Kukenam Gray travel cover

    :sombrero: For Sale New Tepui Kukenam Travel cover-Gray and used one time for photos- In new/perfect condition-48"x56"x12"/w zipper----$75 bucks :costumed-smiley-007:wings: JIMBO
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    :sombrero: OK, Box Rocket--I gotit Wed-the KOKENAM "Mountain Roar" Package arrived in a BIG TRUCK as long as my block and ONE little old man--so we wrestled it into my garage and there was no damage, so I signed forit- I was able to moveit around and thanks to my RACOR hoist--I was...