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  1. El Solis

    Safe Jack

    No affiliation but I have one if the safe jacks with the jack stand. I found that for the Land Rover LR4 it is the safest way to jack the truck through the air suspension travel. It does require using the jack stand to adjust the height of the bottle jack but it secure, stable, and feels safe.
  2. El Solis

    Sold, Please delete.

  3. El Solis

    Do you know a good landrover 109 builder in Westcoast

    Second vote for Scully.
  4. El Solis

    2014 Range Rover Supercharged offload friendly mods?

    Join the Northern California Land Rover Club (NCLR) if you haven’t already. There Trail Tailor is a member/vendor who is up in Redding. He just got done making bits for a RRS for one of our members. Pretty sure it was sliders, bumpers, winch mounts, etc. There are pics of the build...
  5. El Solis

    FS: Devon4X4 LR3 and LR4 hidden winch tray

    Just want to give a bump for Abran! He installed my Devon hidden winch (last 2 pics) and it looks great! Haven’t had a chance to try it in the real world but works great in the driveway.
  6. El Solis

    WTB Scepter Military Water Can

    It’s always been free shipping for me. Good luck!
  7. El Solis

    WTB Scepter Military Water Can

    I’ve used these cans from LCI, no complaints. Need to be rinsed first though.
  8. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

  9. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

    Bc my truck is better than your truck [emoji854] Totally kidding as my truck is a lawn ornament at the moment waiting for parts
  10. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

    OME Med and heavy duty and “blue” springs that were on the truck. But I don’t have a Sals so I don’t know if the lengths are the same. I’ll check tomorrow what the numbers are
  11. El Solis

    My first Land Rover

    First step, register and ask the crew on all these questions. Second, 200tdi’s are usually over cooled so a stock rad will be fine. Third, I went with an electric fan over the viscous for a few reasons, one it comes on earlier (thermostatic switch from X engineering no...
  12. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

    As mine is down for a bit, you are welcome to come remove and borrow the rear dampeners. Would save me 30 min in the axle swap too [emoji854]
  13. El Solis

    WTB: National Luna Power Pack (Got one! No longer needed)

    Gotcha...skottle is waiting for me. Should have some time this week to bust it out and cook some meals at home. Mostly just to play.
  14. El Solis

    WTB: National Luna Power Pack (Got one! No longer needed)

    I’ll be removing a NL split charge system from my truck if you are interested in the controller, solenoid, etc. It works well, just changing systems for my needs. Hasn’t had any issues.
  15. El Solis

    LR4 spare tire options

    Yup, emailed them last month. Wanted a rear bumper with tire carrier and Jerry can holder. Got the extra bits for camera relocation etc. here is my quote in Australian dollars. Current conversion makes it $3561 plus shipping etc from Long Beach. Too much for me so I’m going to see if a guy who...
  16. El Solis

    LR3/LR4 trip toolkit - what's in yours?

    Have to have the GAP tool. Also if you haven’t done it, need to make an emergency release handle for the rear lift gate/tailgate. Other than that and fuses plus what you carry you should be good for most things you can repair on the trail.
  17. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

    I currently have discs bc I don’t have a Sals rear axle and the one I got has them so I’ll be keeping discs in the rear.
  18. El Solis

    The DiscoDavis Sandglow Thread

    I’m down for a pow wow. Have some things to do myself. Like a swap a Sals back under her.