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  1. bitburger

    FWC Granby Shell

    Not mine, no association but seems to be a great price, seems less than the price of the parts installed. Near Seattle. From the CL ad. Hello, I am listing my 2019 Grandby Shell for sale. I recently...
  2. bitburger

    1975 Volvo 6x6 (C304 or TGB 1314) for sale on ebay

    Not mine, no affiliation ... SwbTBdSftH Ex mil ambulance, seems untouched. 6 wheeled and a box on the back. Runs and comes with parts. $14k starting bid. 4 poor pics. Entire description below "1975 Volvo 6x6 (C304 or TGB 1314). Retired military...
  3. bitburger

    Pinzgauer 710K + trailer on BAT

    Looks like it's in good shape but already at $23k with 5 days to go. As always, the comments are useful and funny.
  4. bitburger

    Not working project 406D Mercedes diesel camper bus

    Not for me but if you want a classic project, this may be for you. I have seen these around the poorer parts of the world making their way overland.
  5. bitburger

    Swedish Troop carrier for sale on BAT (1975 Volvo TGB211A MT)

    Tired of the Unimog at $45k? Unhappy someone would ask $38k for a LandRover Forward Control? Bring the whole softball team to the game in this one. The last Volvo TGB that sold on BaT went for $20k but it was the smaller 5 seater in better condition and had been restored/converted somewhat...
  6. bitburger

    Volvo 303 TGB 1111 on BaT, last 24 hours located in Utah This is the open top(rollbar), with two seats in the front and 3 in the back. The price is still good(low) but I'd expect it will jump quite a bit tomorrow morning as the auction ends. If not, I may jump in. Similar to a Pinz...
  7. bitburger

    Toyota HJ45 with PopTop on BaT Love poptops? Love classic Toyotas? You may have found your dream truck:-) The rust situation looks like trouble but otherwise this looks like a ball of fun. No association with the vehicle or sale.