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    Random dog shots

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    Dynamax Isata 5 28SS - Ram 5500 4x4 or Thor Outlaw 29s with 4x4

    The Isata 5 can't be used at all without the slide out. To me, that makes it useless.
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    Could These Guys Really Be the Next Serious Contender for Electric 4WD Trucks?

    One based on a F-550 and heavy duty enough to take a significant payload. And it has to be able to travel 500 miles without needing recharged with that load. and on and on.
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    A pretty decent video about how Harley-Davidson killed itself

    Motorcycle sales went to mega dealers awhile ago. Some have 15 brands of bikes to sell. The old school small dealership is about gone. BMW went the way of forcing dealers into new company designed buildings, All chrome and grey toned carpeting, not your typical motorcycle shop. Some of the old...
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    Need help deciding KTM or Honda

    KTM makes great motorcycles. They don't have very good dealer support and take more to maintain than most bikes. You already have one so you know. Honda makes great motorcycles. Their dealer support is great and have decent service intervals. If you want to ride, not worry about the bike so...
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    Hertz Bankruptcy & Truck Sell-off

    Hertz is already selling off the Corvettes. Their luxury segment will be the first to go.
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    A pretty decent video about how Harley-Davidson killed itself

    For a long time now Harley has probably made more money off of branding it's name than making any motorcycles. They are fierce at protecting that brand, that's where the money is. Why that is, is a lesson in marketing.
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    2020 Ford Transit AWD

    First AWD motorhome I've seen. This one from Leisure Vans. Not bad for an RV. Price from $130,000. Even has a dry bath, nice for a small size.
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    I think you should start a new thread for your rig, going forward from purchase point. Many of us would like to know your experience as it is what some of us would like to do as well. For example. Insurance cost. Maintenance cost of the 550 and any Earthroamer added items. How much you use it...
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    The Elon Musk "Love Will Keep Us Together" Appreciation Thread

    Looks like Elon will build the Cybertruck in Texas. Should move headquarters and all production out of California, that would show them who is boss!
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    2019 Honda CRF 450L

    What is the fuel range on one of these? Options for more range?
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    2200 watts of solar on the roof?

    When it comes to running A/C. If you want to be comfortable and not worry about when you can use it, then a generator seems to be the best solution. When my buddy did his system two years ago, he looked at lithium and decided that the price was still way too high to justify. He figured that 4...
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    2200 watts of solar on the roof?

    I have a buddy with 1600 watts on his roof. He uses six 115 AH AGM batteries and that seems to be enough for him. It's not an expedition vehicle, Winnebago Tour 42' diesel pusher. It is an all electric coach, no propane, has a residential fridge and an induction cooktop. He does run his...
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    Scan guage mounting

    I mounted mine to the steering column as well. That way, it's very visible, easy to see and out of the way. It does cover up the gear indicator but haven't had any issues with that.
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    E-450 Winnabago 4X4 Motor Home

    It's not an F 450, it's an E 450. Big difference.
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    New bike suggestions

    My first one did, it was a 2001. That one was stolen I now have a 2003 with silver rims.
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    New bike suggestions

    And, nothing is worse than a hail storm on a bike. Ouch!
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    New bike suggestions

    I ride my 250 Sherpa on the interstate all the time. Mostly short hops of 20-30 miles, it does fine and will do 70 all day. I prefer not to, but I live full time in a small RV, so it's my do everything that I can bike. From grocery and laundry to carrying water. It really is a Super Sherpa.
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    New bike suggestions

    The XT is a much different bike than the WR. The XT is much like my Kawasaki Super Sherpa, the best little dual sport there is. If you want off road capabilities more than street, choose the WR. If you are short of stature and riding a tall bike would intimidate you, get the XT. And Rambo was a...