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  1. Joaquin Suave

    Has anyone tried to fit a "Mitsu" MSY Split AC system to their camper?

    I'm starting to research split AC systems in prep for Casa's next remodel. I plan on powering it with a generator so any info on split 120VAC systems would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Joaquin Suave

    Unicat Expedition Camper Windows

    As of 4.25.2020 Price drop now: $ 1600. I am selling 4 windows that were removed from the Unicat Expedition Truck pictured below. They were made by Unicat! Double pane glass Heavy duty aluminum casing and aprons. Stainless steel hardware. Roll up bug screens. Roll up curtains. Exterior...
  3. Joaquin Suave

    Complete Hydraulic Lift System from an Alaskan Camper

    As of 4.25.2020 Price drop: Now $600. Pump has been tested and cylinders have new seals! $ 900 plus shipping! Vehicle Parts
  4. Joaquin Suave

    4 "Super Single" Custom Rims with BFG Radial Tires

    As of 4.25.2020 Price Drop: Now $ 2400. I am selling 4 custom made "Super Single" Rims (22.5" diameter x 14" Wide) with 6 lug Budd bolt pattern (6 x 8 3/4") that fit Military M35A2's and older Medium Heavy Duty Trucks. The mounting holes are countersunk on both sides so all the rims could be...