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  1. BigDaveZJ

    JK Steering Upgrades

    My wife's 2015 JKUR has already eaten through a couple of the OEM TRE's with roughly 25k on the Jeep. Certainly hasn't lived the easiest life, so I can't complain too much, but I figured rather than throw more stock parts at it I'd upgrade the steering a bit. Currently has the AEV 2.5" Dual...
  2. BigDaveZJ

    2015 JKU Rubicon, 1.75" spacers vs AEV 2.5 Dual Sport

    My wife has a 2015 JKU Rubi. Already has Nemesis flares and 35s. Works pretty dang good, has wheeled some trails that are certainly on the harder side for her build level (like Pickle in Moab). Problem is she drags everywhere. Thing is super low with no break over angle. So we want to put a...
  3. BigDaveZJ

    my experience with GMRS so far

    I've used CBs for 20 years or so and have always been a bit disappointed. I've tuned antennas and all that, but never bothered with doing anything further than that. They work great on trail rides, everybody has one, no license, low cost of admission. I had looked for a while into getting a...
  4. BigDaveZJ

    wind power

    Looking at using wind to supplement my solar setup. It's not really an expedition rig, but I have the HF 100w solar panel kit for 5th wheel and am thinking about adding a small wind setup. The area we primarily camp in can get windy and I figured that would be a good way to bring in a little...
  5. BigDaveZJ

    CB/Ham Antenna Mounting on 2018 F350 w/ tonneau

    I've got a 2018 F350 Crew Cab Short Box on the way, and while it won't be my primary Expo vehicle, I want full comms capability in the truck. . My plan is a Retrax or similar tonneau cover: . When I'm towing, this is really a non-issue as the...
  6. BigDaveZJ

    entry level HT Transceiver

    Looking at picking up the BaoFeng BF-F8HP as my first HAM unit. Specifically looking for an HT in this scenario as it's primary purpose will be a SHTF pack in my truck. My wife will be getting one as well and communication with her is the primary goal in a SHTF scenario. I know that with an...
  7. BigDaveZJ

    2017+ F350 RTT Mounting Options

    Planning on ordering a 2018 F350 around the first of the year, and would like the option to mount my existing RTT to it. The RTT is currently on my M416, but I'd like the ability to move the RTT over to the truck, as we have plans for several 3-5k mile road trips that the M416 just isn't cut...
  8. BigDaveZJ

    finding a new cover for Mombasa Adventure II 3 Man tent

    My cover is shot from sitting in the sun for years. Zipper is destroyed as well. Saw some older references on where to find covers, but not finding them available there any longer. Any one have any ideas?
  9. BigDaveZJ

    larger tear drops

    Who's built a larger tear drop that is still capable off the beaten path? I'm 6'5" and need a bit more space than most of the tear drops I've seen out there. Between myself, wife, and 2 90lb dogs we take up quite a bit of room. We have an M416 with RTT that we might replace with a homebuilt...
  10. BigDaveZJ

    2015 JKUR Long Term Build

    Recently my wife and I picked up a 2015 Tank JKUR that we will be building into a moderate wheeling and expo rig. I bought my 95 ZJ in 2000 and it still works well, but certainly does not have the creature comforts that the JK does. The ZJ is long armed, HP30, 8.8, 35's, etc etc etc. It's...
  11. BigDaveZJ

    San Juans in the Fall Colors - 2012

    This trip went a little different than our others. After some of the events early on I decided to take advantage of having my keyboard-equipped tablet with me and documented some of it as we went. Some of the stuff in parentheses was added after the fact, but most of it was written in camp...
  12. BigDaveZJ

    spare tire carriers on a rig towing an expedition camper/trailer

    Looking to move the spare tire outside on the ZJ, and it would be a piece of cake if not for the M416. My concern is the swingout portion of the tire carrier being impeded by the trailer itself. What kind of issues have you guys run into with this and what have you done to combat these issues?
  13. BigDaveZJ

    Moab Misadventures Oct 2011

    We had been wanting to make it out to Moab for an "overlanding" style trip for a while now, and having done Colorado the last 2 years we figured this was the year to do it. We had hoped to include White Rim, but part of the road north of Potato Bottom was washed out and is still impassable, so...
  14. BigDaveZJ

    cleaning out the garage ZJ, WJ, M416, tools, etc

    All prices OBO. Would prefer local pickup, but will ship some of this stuff. ZJ Budget Boost. 2" front, 1 3/4" rear. Used. $60 + shipping 2" ball combo Pintle hook. $40 + shipping Old School Sears Arc Welder. Low power, but fun to play around with on sheet metal. SOLD McMaster Carr...
  15. BigDaveZJ

    M416 brake lever, tail lights, and axle

    Have these parts that I pulled off my trailer before the build. Brake lever is in pretty good shape. Axle could certainly use a clean up and some fresh paint, but it worked well for the short pull home from the previous owner's house. Brake lever $50 shipped to the lower 48. Axle $75...
  16. BigDaveZJ

    San Juan Trip August 2010

    Got back today, awesome trip. Not quite as remote as our trip last year, but still an awesome time nonetheless. We headed out last Sunday morning. Justin had some trailer tire issues, but we still made good time to Colona (between Montrose and Ridgway) where we dropped trucks and trailers...
  17. BigDaveZJ

    71"x94" CampingLab RTT alternatives

    As much as I'd love to go with the CL tent based on everything I've read here about their quality and the awesome service Fernando provides, I may need to look elsewhere for the RTT. Is there something out there that's comparably sized, as well as comparably priced? Hopefully they will be...
  18. BigDaveZJ

    01-04 vs 05+ DC for DD/light wheeler/expedition use

    Little background on my current fleet: 95 Jeep ZJ: Sitting on 35's, long arms, built pretty well, usually trailered to/from trails 98 Jeep ZJ: 32's, was my wife's DD, looking to sell it this summer 01 F250: Tow rig and my current DD. 160k miles, some go-fast mods 2010 Impreza: Wife's DD...
  19. BigDaveZJ

    skinning a lid

    Planning on making a lid for my M416 once I finish up some projects on the Jeep and am curious how you guys have actually skinned your lids. I'm planning on a 1"x2" exterior frame (2" vertical) and 1"x1" cross bars with a 16-18 gauge sheet across the top. Are you guys just cutting the sheet to...
  20. BigDaveZJ

    quick moab trip

    Pam and I went to Moab for the holiday weekend. Didn't do any real wheeling but checked out some scenery. Baby Lions Back Little bit of ice/water on the backside We tried starting out on Fins, but being by ourselves and not aired down or anything it wasn't going too well, but we did see...