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  1. Victory_Overland

    Camp Plate "SET" and pan "SET"

    Looking to upgrade my camp kitchen box this year and wondering what everyone is using for best four place setting or more camping plate, bowl, cup sets and then pan sets as well. Would prefer stackable, durable, etc. I like the MSR, GSI, etc. but curious to know what the latest craze is?
  2. Victory_Overland

    Land Rover / Overland Lithographs

    I've been playing around with some 3d Printing and made this little gem of one of my favorite pics of Victory over Signal Hill in the Chocolate Mountains. Let me know what you think; I'm looking to offer up some prints for people but of course it's very time consuming as the printer runs for...
  3. Victory_Overland

    $375 LR3 Rear (3rd Row) Folding Seat Set Genuine LR TAN

    LR3 3rd Row Fold-Down Seat complete set in TAN. $375 OBO Excellent condition, no intent to every put this pack in. Hardware, covers, brackets, etc. all included to convert your 5 seater to a 7 seater. Seats are folded and wrapped up for protection so I do not have pictures. Carpet and leather...
  4. Victory_Overland

    LR3/4 Injector Cleaning

    I bought a pressurized canister for my fuel system and intake cleaning; what is everyone recommending for professional grade service of my fuel injectors; it's been about 40k miles since I did it and the last time was at the stealership which Victory will never see the inside bay doors of again...
  5. Victory_Overland

    GAP Diagnostic Tools: Questions and Dream Requests!

    I feel this might be a good forum for all of us loyal and potential future users of GAP Diagnostic Tools to voice dreams and requests from GAP directly. The point of this thread, if nobody rejects, is to ask questions or make requests for future capabilities of the GAP Diagnostic Tools...
  6. Victory_Overland

    $360 Tactical Rovers LR3/4 Rear Bumper Spare Wheel Swing out

    Selling my Tactical Rovers LR3/4 Rear swing out. Single side for the TR rear bumper. The carrier was never power coated so there is a bit of surface rust but otherwise in perfect working order. I am selling because I am fabricating a custom carrier that extends across the entire bumper and do...
  7. Victory_Overland

    LR3/4 Elec Power Management Charger/Dual Batt/Solar Suggestions

    I have my Traxide kit laying in the garage and am laying it out to get a good plan. I think I am looking at making a few changes to the rear harness 12v plugs and go to a Blue Seas 6 or 12 accessory box but not sure yet. With that said, I am running the following batteries and I plan to buy a...
  8. Victory_Overland

    New LR3/4 18" Wheels on AULRO

    I figured I would post this to readers looking for other options. I found this on AULRO this morning; it might be old news but here it is anyway! MOAB 18" Wheels
  9. Victory_Overland

    RR/LR3/4 EAS Front and Rear Valve Block Rebuild with Pictures!

    Symptom: Front end was sagging overnight, both sides equally so the diagnosis only makes sense that its a valve body. I picked up the EAS valve block rebuild kits from British Parts of Utah for $35.00 a piece. I bought three sets, one for the front and rear and the other for the spares. The...
  10. Victory_Overland

    LR3/LR4 Parts

    All parts are in SoCal. I will ship, just need to pay the ride! OBO on all! FR Rack Expedition Rail (BRAND NEW IN BOXES): $75 Universal Windshield Washer Kit for TR bumper install: $20 GENUINE LR3 Front Bumper Driving/Fog Light (BRAND NEW IN BOX): $60 GENUINE LR3 4.4L Trans Filter...
  11. Victory_Overland

    CONFIRMED Ford Electrical Components for LR3/LR4

    These FOMOCO (Ford) parts cross to LR part numbers. All of these parts have been in my truck since or about 2012 with no issues. The brake switch is self explanatory! The relays are used in both areas under the hood and under the glove box in various spots. The small ones differ from 4 and 5...
  12. Victory_Overland

    LR3 Seats stopped working!

    Okay, so here we go! 08 SE, no memory seats installed! Both driver and passenger seats no longer work. The mirrors work and so does the lumbar pump in the driver seat. Both seats will not move in any direction. No water or corrosion present in the door sills that I can see! Checked the...
  13. Victory_Overland

    Selling My EZ-tube on Classifieds.

    Check out the classifieds if you want a deal on the EZ-Tube, fitting, and fixture I ordered. Just trying to recoup some cost. $400 worth with shipping, asking: $320.00 OBO Get the word out!
  14. Victory_Overland

    For Sale $320.00 ($400 worth of brand new EZ-Tube black anodized)

    I was originally building a sleeping kit from EZ-tube and since went to a welded design since I have a buddy who does fab. I paid $395 for all of the below EZ-Tube plus shipping. I'll take $320 OBO for anyone in the SoCal area looking for EZ-tube for their projects. All kinds of end fittings...
  15. Victory_Overland

    Brand new Genuine LR3 radiator cowl

    Brand new LR3 maybe LR4 deflector assembly. Goes under the radiator support and behind the OEM bumper cover. I bought it when I had a front end accident but didn't need it. #13 on the parts illustration. Sells for $200 ish Located in Oceanside/Carlsbad, SoCal area. Buyer pays the shipping.
  16. Victory_Overland

    Genuine LR3/4 roof rails

    These have been sitting in my garage since the FR rack install. Genuine aluminum LR3/4 roof rails. $200.00 located in SoCal, Oceanside/Carlsbad area Buyer pays the shipping if required.
  17. Victory_Overland

    LR3 ZF Transmission Pan/Filter Genuine LR

    Brand new LR3 ZF Transmission pan/filter with gasket. I've had this wrapped up on the shelf since last year and no longer need it. Goes for $119 on AB and related sites. Asking $80.00 and buyer pays the shipping. Located in SoCal, Oceanside/Carlsbad area!
  18. Victory_Overland

    LR3 Trans Filter

    It’s time to swap the trans filter in Victory. A while ago I ordered the filter and it’s been sitting on the shelf. I thought I ordered the two piece (Britpart) but I busted open the box and it’s the LR one piece plastic. On that note, this is my first change on the truck as I had the filter...
  19. Victory_Overland

    Disco 3/4 Communication Radio Installs

    Okay, so I know there is a forum specific for communication but I wanted to hear this direct from Disco 3/4 owners on installations. I am slowing pecking away at my center console customization and plan to make room for a panel mount Icom-4100 or even 5100 eventually. Since I am starting the...
  20. Victory_Overland

    LR3 or LR4 A/C Compressor Clutch Replacement?????

    Has anyone replaced just the clutch/bearing assy on an LR3 or LR4? My A/C bearing is making a hell of a whine now under daily use with the AC On/Off. I pulled the belt to isolate the noise and check the other bearings and all feel really good. If i free spin the AC compressor, I can feel the...