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  1. melotaco

    Hot Spring Weekend

    Day 1 I decided to go on a weekend hot spring trip. The trip involved going from Portland, OR to Burns, OR. The hot springs I went to is called Crystal Crane hot springs, about 30 miles east of Burns. The drive was a little sketchy because of the snow and ice on the passes. Other than that it...
  2. melotaco

    Heart Rate Monitor Watch

    Anybody have a heart rate monitor watch? I have been looking at the Suunto t3. I will be using it for biking and running and...
  3. melotaco

    Does anybody here do rockclimbing?

    I want to get into rock climbing :REAdvRockClimber: , but have no clue where to start. Should I start at a indoor gym? What kind of equipment will I need?
  4. melotaco

    OME Coils

    I will be purchasing some OME coils for my 2001 Tacoma Reg. Cab. The pickup is stock and I'm just looking to get some lift (no more than 2"). So the questions is which coil should I get 880 or 881? If you have any experience or suggestions with OME please share.