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    Constant duty solenoid

    Can anyone recommend a constant duty 120v AC solenoid that can be activated using a 12V input? I am trying to only run my 120V AC water heater while vehicle is running so I do not drain the house batteries.
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    Flooring material choices for conversion

    Wondering if anyone has experience with solid wood flooring inside a conversion. I am interested in installing a high quality ipe or teak solid wood floor in our 4x4 sprinter. The weight of the floor will be about 150 lbs. I have heard many stories of rubber, plastic and vinyl flooring swelling...
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    Engel MT35

    Does anyone know if engel slides are available in the USA? I just purchased an MT35 and would like to purchase the engel slide and can only find it from Australian store that do not ship to the US. Thanks!
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    Draft of electric layout

    Any feedback on this general layout would be helpful.