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    Simple Aluminum Trailer build with RTT

    I have been busy so just now getting around to posting pics. Not a crazy build like some, but was built for off the grid stays with plenty of room to pack everything. Not a lot of pics or details since my I lost most pics when I broke my phone. Just message or post if you have questions. I will...
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    RTT Zipper sizes

    Does anyone know if the zipper sizes/teeth are the same with the Tepui and the CVT? I am looking for one for the Smittybilt XL RTT tent. I know the Tepui will fit the Smittybilt zippers since someone here has already tried it and fit. I have found a better deal on the CVT, just dont know if the...
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    23 Zero dealers??

    Any dealers here for 23 Zero RTT? Would rather give my cash to someone here than somewhere else. Thanks, Shane
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    My expedition trailer build

    Gonna do this again. Every time I try to edit my thread, it deletes it. Hopefully 4th time will be a charm. Trailer frame is built from 2x4 11ga steel. The upper box is built from 1.5" 14ga square tubing skinned with 14ga sheet steel. It has independent torsion axles and 33" tires. The upper...