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    Pof revolution

    Handled one of the pistons today. I'm seriously debating getting one. Anyone have one? Any experience?
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    Sling shot?

    Anyone else carry one? I keep one in my pack. Great for harvesting a rabbit or squirrel for the stew pot. Small light easy to carry.
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    General gripe

    I remember when North Face wasreally good stuff now it's just overpriced fashion swag for people that don't spend much time out in the woods. They still make some good stuff but generally make crap. Mountian hardware seems to be heading in that direction. I don't mind spending good money on...
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    Alternative to a bicycle

    I've been researching and planning my overland build. Really thinking about something like this. I will probably end up fabbing a custom trailer to carry groceries, dog, firewood etc. Pricey but so is a high end ebike but I can save a ton of space over a ebike.
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    Hello everyone

    I'm currently in the planning stages of a expedition vehicle. I'm currently looking at a ambulance to retrofit. I was a professional sailor for 17 years so I know how to live small with little waste so the idea of off grid living appeals to me. I also have a fair grasp of the systems and how...