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  1. Greenbarn

    Nicaragua Unimog

    We fly to Nicaragua each spring so I keep an eye on Encuentra24. Not sure about the importing but interesting.
  2. Greenbarn

    Camper Option

    I found a used camper close to home and I am considering this as an alternative to the building one myself. I did a quick photo edit of a stock image onto our truck. I see several advantage: 1) Cost with a used price of $10 000.00 Canadian I doubt I build it for that. 2) Time I am confident we...
  3. Greenbarn

    Flat Deck Design Considerations

    We have just purchased a 2010 FG 140 as a Cab & Chassis. I just wire brushed the chassis and painted it with por 15. We plan to install a flat deck and use the truck adding a camper in the future. As I have not decided the type of camper we will add so my primary objective now is maximum...
  4. Greenbarn

    Auction Buy

    I just did this. 2010 FG 140 4x4 160 000 KM. I bought it at auction, I have not even seen it yet as it is 1200 KM from home I am on Vancouver Island and it is near Edmonton. Monday I will have to arrange a bank transfer and transportation. I am sure I will have lots of questions but now I am...