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    4th Gen 4runner suspension refresh, calling all suspension guru's

    Hey everyone, It's time for me to start looking a lot more seriously into refreshing the suspension in the 4Runner. She's got 330k km's on the clock with a mixed bag of suspension components. Front end: Bilstein 5100's w/ 2nd Gen Tacoma coils (~75k km on the shocks, unknown on the springs) on...
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    Softshell tents in constant rain

    Hey everyone, I've been deliberating about this ever since I got my cheapie (used) Tepui Kukenam. While this tent has a couple issues, the thing I've worried about the most about it is whether the tent will remain dry inside after days/week of rain with no great way to dry it out. My fiancee...
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    Will I regret Michelin at2's in BC?

    I've searched high and low for someone doing what I want to do and haven't had much success. I've noticed lots of guys are pulling off Michelin at2's in 265/70r18 flavour and selling pretty cheap as it's stock on a few diesel trucks these days. This is the size I'm after for my lifted 4th gen...