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  1. fietsryer

    South African Alucab pickup cap/canopy in USA...anyone bought?

    Can't help on where to find them in the US, but I can confirm that the Alucab canopies are very popular here in Southern Africa. Alucab was one of the pioneers of alu canopies and they know what they are doing. The canopies are strong enough to endure many years of rough traveling on African...
  2. fietsryer

    Building a Composite Camper on a U1700 w/ 3 Way Tilt Bed

    Agreed If i were you i'd remove the tipper bed but retain the torsion free subframe and use that as a base for the camper body. If you mount the camper on the 4 ball joints the tipper bed attaches to it should be fairly simple to make a removable camper body so you can still use the mog for...
  3. fietsryer

    Mercedes Vario Running Issues - No Power

    Have you checked the air filter and air supply? Could be an obstruction in the air supply suffocating the engine at higher rpm's.
  4. fietsryer

    Tires for expedition vehicle

    I had the same when i ordered XZL's for my mog. I had to write a letter to Michelin confirming that the tires will not be used for military purposes or in a war zone. They explained to me that the XZL is classified as a military spec tire and therefore falls under some kind of UN restriction...
  5. fietsryer

    Airbags to help rear suspension on a 416 Unimog??? Any suggestions?

    If it were me, I'd address the issue in the following sequence: 1 - as suggeste by mogwild, check if you have the helper springs installed. If not, get them and see if this solves the issue 2 - if 1 doesn't address the problem, as suggested by mogwild, check if you have a sway bar installed...