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  1. Photomike

    I need MORE SOLAR new Transit !!!! If only I could charge it up in the bush :unsure:
  2. Photomike

    Xpedition 90X - I so want one!!!
  3. Photomike

    White Turtle III - Ford Transit - The build and adventure!

    I have had a build thread going on the Transit forum but thought that I would bring some of the things here more for ideas in the expedition area than the actual van. I like the feedback from different people and have found cool ideas on many forums so the more information the better. Some...
  4. Photomike

    Promaster / Transit

    In my other thread I have been working out ideas for a cold weather unit. If I go with the build it myself idea I have it narrowed down to a 2016 / 2017, 2500 or 3500 model of either the Ford Transit or the Dodge Promaster. I would like a unit with some warranty but I don't think that I would...
  5. Photomike

    Van camping in -40

    Okay I think I have researched everything but thought I would toss this out there just in case I missed something. Anyone done any conversions for extreme cold? Looking for a all season vehicle and part of the seasons is the crazy cold. I have camped in my truck camper in the extreme weather...
  6. Photomike

    Carado Banff Vans

    Has anyone seen one of these in person? I would like one for year round use but understand that it probably falls short but was looking for any opinions...
  7. Photomike

    Snacks / light meal ideas

    I hate it when I stop someplace for fuel and all they have are greasy chips, not that I don't eat them but I know that I shouldn't, and after a couple days of chips as snacks I don't feel the best. As well when I am on the road I find that many times I am trying to get someplace to shoot at a...
  8. Photomike

    Miyata 1000 touring bike

    This is not a for sale thread but rather a question about a sale. Some background, I bought my dream bike in 1985. It is a Miyata 1000 touring bike, and it is my baby. It has gone many places, slept in my bedroom when I was single and has been babied. My dream for 35 years was to ride across...
  9. Photomike

    Additional storage

    Well I have a trailer to haul in the summer with all the extras, or when I am taking a group out, but for when I want to use the truck for a quick run someplace with one or two people towing the trailer is overkill if all I want is the barbeque. I can fit my inflatable kayak, actually both...
  10. Photomike

    Fridge Question

    My fridge (3 way absorbsion model) in my Tcer is acting up. I am thinking of replacing it with an electric fridge, I heard that there is a model that can run vertically like a normal fridge, is this true?
  11. Photomike

    A 4x4 Van in Alberta for sale

    Just saw this, VERY tempting to buy. Do not see a lot around these parts and it looks in good shape as well. I have no idea what the van is like, just saw on line.
  12. Photomike

    Lemon Juice

    Okay I could be crazy (that is nothing new), but I remember many years ago my mother kept a container of lemon juice in the cupboard. It was never refrigerated and we never died because of this. My question is was that a special kind of lemon juice or was it just the way things were done back...
  13. Photomike

    Just saw this - for sale

    Someone needs to buy this before I do Unimog for sale in Edmonton Alberta I only know what is in the ad, do not know the people selling it.
  14. Photomike

    This is cool

    You would need the right camper but this would be a cool addition to a truck camper. Locker for back of camper I have nothing to do with this item and do not know the person that has it for sale.
  15. Photomike

    Chinook for sale - Alberta

    Just saw this for sale. Not mine and have never seen it.
  16. Photomike

    CB Question

    Have been looking at a CB for my truck and camper for a couple of years, Never bought one as it wasn't a priority. The other day a neighbor came over with a couple 2 way radios and two marine radios to give to my kids. I mentioned that if he had a CB that I would take it (it is spring...
  17. Photomike

    Tire Question

    First let me say I tried doing a search for information but came up with way too many threads to check. I am looking at new tires for my trailer. I bought new tires and rims last year (15" rims) as a package and wore them out after 1500km as the axle was bent. So the trailer is in having a...
  18. Photomike

    Drying Clothes

    My boys and I camp in all weather conditions. In the winter the biggest problem is drying out clothes that have gotten wet (usually very wet as the boys love to play in the snow). Have tried in the camper with us but the humidity is a drawback and they dry slowly. By a fire but many times it...