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  1. uscg2008

    2013 F150 FX4 Family Hauler

    Current pic: So after after transferring to Clearwater,Fl and living in our 5th for a while the wife and kid got tired of it so we sold the beast F350 and trailer as a package and I down sized to a F150. I downsized who we could get my wife into a newer, more fuel efficient car ( got her...
  2. uscg2008

    2011 F350 tow pig/ family wheeler

    Sold my 2005 Chevy 2500hd to move up to a larger 1-ton tow pig. So yesterday we picked up a new to me 2011 F350 Lariat 6.7 powerstroke 4wd with locking rear diff. Has 84k on the clock with leather butt warms and coolers. Here is the reason we upgraded My wife and I have decided to...
  3. uscg2008

    Chevy Silverado Dirtymax Build

    Sorry for the pics not working photobucket is trying to screw over all their subscribers so from now on I'll be using tapatalk or something else. Updated photo 6/20/17 Here is what I will be build now a 2005 Chevy 2005 with a LLY Duramax, Allison trans, 4wd and the short bed that I wanted...
  4. uscg2008


    Hey everyone Coby here, So I won't be down to San Diego as early as I was supposed to be. The* ferry broke down in Whittier,AK before it could make it to me here on Kodiak, but let me tell you it totally ****ed me. I was surprised at how little ALASKA marine highway company could cared and*...
  5. uscg2008

    Center support bearing aka "carrier bear" who's had to change theirs??

    So last week I started to hear some squeaking coming from underneath my truck. So I crawled under it and started giving it a once over starting at front diff and working back. Thats when I found exesssive play in my carrier bearing:mad:. I gave the drive shaft a shake back and forth and it...
  6. uscg2008

    6x10 base camp/duck hunting/household goods mover

    Hey everyone Starting a new project here with my 6x10. Plan on using it as more of a base camp/duck hunting/ household goods mover. Specs: 6x10 Diamond Cargo Gem 2900# axel spring under 205/75/15 radial tires Rv style side door Drop down rear ramp Interior dome light Interior carpet...
  7. uscg2008

    Single battery setups

    Is anyone running a single battery ie like a deep cycle marine battery or big amg? Doing this instead of a due battery set up? I would like to see pics of any if anyone has some. Just curious cause I would like to put a bigger battery in my Tacoma but I don't really have a need for a...
  8. uscg2008

    Uscg2008 stormtrooper

    as it sits 25 may 13 specs: 06 Sr5 V6 4dr LB 4x4 lift: ICON 2.5 ext travel C/Os ICON 2.0 VS rear resi toytec 1.5in AAL (soon to be OMDs) light racing UCAs diff drop/ sway bar drop/ carrier bearing drop Goodyear duratracs (285/70/17) Spidertrax 1.5 in Wheel Spacers performance: trd...
  9. uscg2008

    Wtb 17in oem black Toyota steelies

    Hey guy, Looking to buy 4 Toyota oem 17 in steelies off of an fj. Feel free to txt me 714-421-0712