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  1. Pipeworx

    Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper Fleet Model

    This isn't mine but I have spoken to the guy and he said he would sell the camper only for 18K. I am really looking for a Finch model as I want to keep my tailgate and rear bumper with swingouts.
  2. Pipeworx

    Trailer Wanted 5K Range

    Hello everyone I am searching for a good used off road trailer like a CVT, Ruger etc. to get my roof top tent off my rig and be less top heavy. I want to be able to drop my trailer, set up camp and then go do some wheeling without all the weight on top of my rig. I would like to find something...
  3. Pipeworx

    New ZipTy Racing Chain Adjuster Blocks and Axle

    This is a new in the package chain adjuster from Zip-ty Racing, retails for $153.95. I purchased two of these, this was my backup but have decided that I do not need a spare. $100 cash plus the ride, save over $50 and it has never been out of the package. Call or text if you are serious, five...