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  1. SRUPike

    The Pioneering Spirit's Expedition JKU Build

    Sounds like a build I have been dreaming about... Can't wait to follow your adventures... I sounds like you are looking at using a camping trailer, did you look at using a Ursa-minor for more of an all in one setup? With the GenRight tank, is that in addition too or replacement of the stock tank?
  2. SRUPike

    any place for a overlander to start lift for a jeep near Ocala Floria??

    Jeepers Den in Orlando is Fantastic... Call Alicia 407-658-4848 :safari-rig: I personally run the Mopar 3" lift with the FoxRacing Remote Reservoir Shock and Hydraulic Bump stops. The was installed by my dealer, while it is not the cheapest kit out there is one of the most complete and is a...
  3. SRUPike


    I always hated the idea of crocs... Untill the wife demanded that I stop working with our horses in my flip-flops. So we picked up some at Bass Pro Shops, they have been some of the most comfortable shoes I have owned...
  4. SRUPike

    Big custom camper sightings

    Spotted a nice Actionmobil today in Ocoee Florida, not to far from Disney and Orlando. Boondocking at a Walmart. Looks like they are from France and have driven up from Argentina, and have done quite a bit in the Americas.
  5. SRUPike

    Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

    Can't wait to read and see the adventures!
  6. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer 2.0

    Tom, From what I understand the size of the spare cavity is about 42". Bill thought ahead when designing the moldings knowing bigger meats would be possible. And from what I understand a lot of owners have since upgraded to the air ride/MPT81 ie Global Road Trekker has, and they have posted a...
  7. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer 2.0

    Subscribed!!!! Can't wait to hear all about the truck and your adventures...
  8. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer #116 Coming Together

    Congrats Bob! I hope you enjoy the new rig! And how is the pup likeing it?
  9. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer XV-JP "Northwest Edition"

    Just when you think it can't get better... Then Paul comes with another post... That rising sun on the headliner is going to be epic... Well done Paul... So with the paddle, are you hinting at a custom hollow paddle board is also in the works for the Earthroamer XVJP by Paul Jensen?
  10. SRUPike

    Provan Siberian Tiger - post here

    :yikes: hmm Paul with a Siberian Tiger.... Imagine the possibilities and veneers......................:wings: Now he just needs a benefactor.... The build thread would be record setting...
  11. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer F650!!!

    Now Bob, that would be cool, the EarthRoamer XV-Tuk imagine the blog on that... Although no inside cooking facility other than maybe a rice cooker or similar sized appliance. And no issues in the small towns of latin america or europe. Great concept where did you see that? I can just hear the...
  12. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer F650!!!

    I have seen some schematics in to root directory of the Earthroamer site of an F650. There has been thought put in to this design, no doubt in my mind. Now the question is was it a one-off design for a customer willing to spend for their specs, or is it a mass release. Only Bill and the Team at...
  13. SRUPike

    Our GXV Build

    Okay Overland and Blackeye... Your post intrigued me... I searched high and low and I found the teaser segemnt of your truck... The VanPelt's build an amazing product, top notch...
  14. SRUPike

    Big custom camper sightings

    They even have one in expo white...
  15. SRUPike

    Big custom camper sightings

    Great job Bill and the rest of the Earthroamer Team... The low console, looks very nice, its nice that they took some bits and pieces of the stock console, to make it look OEM. (ie cup holders & rear power ports). The dog platform looks very nice, although any thoughts on why the seat belts...
  16. SRUPike

    Big custom camper sightings

    That rig belongs to Sue and Joe... Looks like some fun adventures, and its neat to read the dueling blogs.
  17. SRUPike

    Road Cycling

    What part of Florida are you in? Im here in the Orlando area, I know touristville USA, and not the most cyclist friendly road. But alot of great rides. The Trek 1.5 is a great place to start, I ride a Trek Speed Concept and my wife has a Trek 2.1.
  18. SRUPike

    2012 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition

    Hmm this may be my first step in an EXPO type vehicle. Anyone know when SET dealers might be getting these?
  19. SRUPike

    Big custom camper sightings

    Although, I'm not Bill, I believe the roof you are referring to is Wendy and Jim from It was a custom job he did for his upcoming RTW adventure. Pretty impressive, they had a blog post explaining it, I could not find it on quick look right now.
  20. SRUPike

    EarthRoamer XV-LTS (S for Stretch)

    Bill thanks for always posting, it's great to see involved, passionate owners/builders of top level items. I see alot of the passion you show also with Wiley of Yellowfin Yachts. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Question though, in picture 17 in your new gallery for the LTS, what is the...