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  1. Doing_Dirt

    Any gen 3 aftermarket shifters?

    My truck has been sitting for some time now. Been to a few local wrecking yards and can't find what I need. Anyone know of a B&M or Hurst (or any other brand) that fits an '01 Limited? Anyone Frankenstein a shifter from different make/model?
  2. Doing_Dirt

    Why no stickies?

    We have all been on other sites with stickies... Just curious why no stickies here for lift/tire combo... ...basic mods everyone would enjoy.
  3. Doing_Dirt

    Buying shocks and struts...

    So I've been in the market for a suspension upgrade for awhile. I finally decided to buy Bilstein B6 (4600) and not cheap out on KYB or Monroe because I found them in stock online. Can this set up be used with OME coils to become a lift? Everything is stock on my gen 3 limited. I'm perfectly...
  4. Doing_Dirt

    Maybe you've already seen this...

  5. Doing_Dirt

    Finally found something I don't like about the Gen 3!

    Whats up with the shallow cup holders that allow my water bottle to tip over? What are those slots with ribs meant for? My cell phone fits nowhere in the cab without me searching for it under the seats at the next red light. 2001 interior design had no plans for the I the only one?
  6. Doing_Dirt

    Need shocks, should I just get a lift kit?

    I know there's multiple threads on lifts and shocks, but I am confused about coils. I need shocks like corn needs the rain. Its becoming a safety issue throwing my truck around when I hit a bump on a curve. I shouldn't be drifting on the freeway bridge with BFG's KO2's!!! Heres what I need to...