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    1967 Alaskan Camper

    I just purchased a 1967 Alaskan 10-foot non-cabover camper for my 1.5 ton 4x4 flatbed truck. I've wanted one of these for years, but they're very hard to get unless you buy a new one. This Alaskan is in great shape, both the interior (maple) and the outside aluminum. Many of the vintage ones...
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    A very cool old Chevy 4X4 on EBAY(!)

    A completely restored (the seller says) 1952 Chevy 3800 (one ton) pickup with Coleman 4X4 setup, 20-inch tires, nine-foot bed, 235 Stovebolt Six, heavy-duty four-speed, etc, etc. You'll never see one of these crossing the Gobi Desert. Looks like a brand-new truck from the pics. Expensive, as in...
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    RE: Kitanica

    RE: Kitanica Anyone have any updated comments, experiences, etc., with this stuff? Gawdawful pricey, but looks really nice...:sombrero:
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    Best Price You've Found On RPGs?

    Find em on sale now and then, usually in quantities of five or more. Looking for, oh, maybe four dozen. Upgraded sights on the tubes would be nice, as would a few hundred rounds of extra ammunition. NOTE: To be used for sporting/target practice ("plinking") only. Prefer to pay in U.S. dollars...
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    Reliable LC shop in Northern AZ?

    Apparently none here in FLG any more. Maybe Prescott?
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    Finally got my 1.5 ton Chev 4x4 flatbed w/12 valve Cummins transplant running and almost complete. I'm going to paint the cab (well, not me, but someone who knows what they're doing), and I'm soliciting opinions as to what the most durable, longest-lasting auto paint might be. I've always been...