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  1. en480c4

    2012 Sahara Tan JKU Sport S w/ AEV Lift, 35's, More

    SOLD A lack of use as intended and deciding resources would be better used elsewhere, I've decided to sell my 2012 Sahara Tan JKU Sport S. I bought it in August of 2011, and I installed the AEV gear in May of 2012 (@ 10,500 miles) and have thoroughly enjoyed driving it since. Standard...
  2. en480c4

    My 2012 Sahara Tan JKU Build

    I realized I hadn't posted a thread here about the build on my Jeep. It's slow going, but a lot of progress was made this spring and after finishing my trailer and some work around the house, I'll get going with the next phase. My wife never cared for my '05 Unlimited. The 2 door thing was a...
  3. en480c4

    My '52 M100 Trailer Build

    So, after much searching, I found the trailer I'm going to build. It's a '52 Dunbar M100 that had moved on to Forest Service duty, and then onto a local FD. It popped up on a local GSA auction sale, and after watching it for a week, I missed the closing of the auction. Luckily for me, it was...
  4. en480c4

    WTB: M100 or M416 Lunette/Draw Bar

    Picked up my '52 M100 and would prefer to replace the hacked/modified lunette it came with. My M100 has been modified with a bit of a hacked tailgate, so $180 for a NOS replacement hurts a bit. Let me know! Ian