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    My Adventure Trailer Walkaround Video

    Couldn't stand it any longer. Needed to go camping......My backyard was the destination....
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    Covid Isolation Trailer Project

    I needed a utility trailer and what better time to build one that during isolation......Here is an article I published to my web page with lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Installing Renogy DC-DC charger in 2018 F-150

    You are going to love this Renogy DC to DC charger. I have the 40a version that I have connected to Anderson plugs so I can swap it between my SUV and my truck. Works great to keep aux battery for the refrigerator charged. I don't bother carrying a generator any longer. 120w of portable solar...
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    Do I need a dc2dc unit?

    I idle my engine in real world to charge a 100Ah AGM battery using a 40A DC to DC CXharger. Not hypothetical. It works great. I put 40A into my AGM at bulk and can take it from 70% charge to 95% charge in about a half hour. The truck has a 220A alternator. I've tested temperature of the...
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    Do I need a dc2dc unit?

    There is nothing better than a DC to DC charger (Renogy) if you need to charge your batteries while traveling and the weather is not cooperating for your solar panels. I use my 40A Renogy DC to DC charger to charge my batteries while camping if I'm not getting enough solar. Simply start vehicle...
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    Today I got the top rails installed. I decided to use 3" X 3" X 3/16 Angle, mitered at the corners and welded top the uprights.....Love it! Thank God for my bandsaw! Lots of intricate cutting here... AND...Wheels/Tires and Fenders showed up today Tomorrow I'll build the tailgate...
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    Adapting an SUV IRS for a trailer?

    I had a friend that built bunch of trailers using VW Golf rear suspensions. This was a few years ago but it wasn't difficult.
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    Sides are on...Bumper in place....Need to look at this bumper again when fenders are on. Might need more of a bumper shortening. I left it wide to add some protection to the trailer lights.
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    Sometimes a plan comes together....even when you are not planning it! The metal I cut off the sides of the trailer were re-purposed as the uprights to hold the side panels. Look how a piece of 5/4 Pressure Treated Decking slid right in! Made screwing the sides to the uprights real easy...
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    Those are "C" Rated tires with 1820# each......The axle is only rated at 2500#.......Skimpy? Not so much.....
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    LED Light Kit, Fenders and new Wheels and Tires are ordered..... All ordered from Amazon.......
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    This pandemic thing has me on a scale of 1-10 for boredom at 11! I needed a project. I want to buy a mid-size garden tractor for use around the property. But I need a way to transport it. So I needed a Utility Trailer. Want to use it for transporting canoes and kayaks and bicycles too. I was...
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    Chinese Diesel Heater Modifications

    So, I can't start one here? Not sure what the protocol is with regard to this.
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    Diesel Heater...Relocating control panel???

    i just did this with a 20" piece of stranded telephone/data cable. works great! i tested it by setting the controller 10 degrees higher than ambient temperature and then used my heat gun to raise the temperature of the LED control panel. Heater cycled perfectly. Should make a huge difference in...
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    2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 3.0L EcoDiesel

    I was recently talking with the head service manager at my Jeep/RAM dealership. I asked what was the worse vehicle to buy. He said, without a doubt, anything with the 3.0 diesel to avoid. He said they have sold few of them and they are always in the shop for service in a disproportionate amount...
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    Chinese Diesel Heater Modifications

    Had some time today to "Farkle" the Chinese Diesel Heater today........ Lots of pictures and write up on my web site. Enjoy! Chinese Heater Modifications
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    OVRLND Camper Build

    Kitchen is awesome. What is the extruded stuff you used.? Source?
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    GOTTAMODIFYITIS...More Farkles on the camp trailer!

    The cover certainly won't...But hopefully the tank does. The fittings are stainless steel, marine grade. Should be fine for a while. We shall see!
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    Horrible Nightmare....Willys

    At the end of WWII, hundreds of acres of closely parked jeeps in Okinawa junkyard. Since they would depress the auto industry if sold, they were all bulldozed into the sea. Trucks too. Thousands and thousands of them. And trailers too! If only we could! We don't need no stink'n HiLift...