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  1. Toyotero

    1982 Toyota Trekker

    This is a very familiar looking rig... :-D Toyota : Other Trekker for sale Sale price: $6,495.00 Very rare 1982 Toyota Trekker in good condition and nicely built for expeditioning or hard core rock crawling. or just a daily driver/weekend...
  2. Toyotero

    Class C van RVs... cheaper than a Sportsmobile

    I spotted a pair of, lets say, "fixer uppers" on CL today. Both near Austin
  3. Toyotero

    1984 Sunrader - 2WD Nissan - $2000

    Not mine, just found on ebay. It definitely need a lot of work, engine work, interior, probably electrical, but it's pretty cheap.
  4. Toyotero

    How to kill a Toyota

    Top gear couldn't do it, but someone finally figured out how to kill a Toyota... both a Hilux and a Tacoma gen II meet their demise in this video.
  5. Toyotero

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Nicely build
  6. Toyotero

    ARB bumper - 2005+ Tacoma - Austin, Texas

    Not mine
  7. Toyotero

    ARB Bull Bars for Defender 90 - $500 (Elgin, TX)

    Not mine, just found it on CL. ARB Bull Bars for Defender 90 - $500 (Elgin, TX)
  8. Toyotero

    1987 Toyota Double Cab - RHD, diesel, 4WD

    I found this on the facebook page of a guy who imports old cars from Japan...
  9. Toyotero

    Caprice Classic camper for Maya Rally

    Someone should buy this and drive it to the Maya rally!
  10. Toyotero

    Man, stranded in the Sahara desert, takes broken car and makes a motorcycle.

    I happened upon this story, couldn't find it already posted searching key words, so I thought it appropriate to share here. It's reminiscent of the story "Flight of the Phoenix". Where there is a will, there is a way...
  11. Toyotero

    1984 Toyota BJ60 - Montreal

    While doing my weekly check of Toyota diesels on ebay today, I encountered this familiar looking rig: Which is this person's vehicle...
  12. Toyotero

    FJ and Adventure Horizon Trailer - Georgetown, TX - 2012-03-31

    This isn't my ad, I just happened to see it on CL today.
  13. Toyotero

    1991 toyota Land Cruiser fj80 - $1950 - Austin Texas

    This isn't mine, I don't know the owner. I've seen it in person and it was a nice looking rig 6 months ago
  14. Toyotero

    Ebay find : 1983 HJ47 Crewcab Diesel

    I spotted this beut today.... an awesome looking truck, although a little pricey:
  15. Toyotero

    pistol decision - 9mm

    I expect to soon be on the market for an auto 9mm. My plans for it are target shooting, concealed license and personal defense, so relatively small size and light weight are important. I'm going with 9mm for control and to make practice shooting less $$. I'm thinking one of the three: Ruger...
  16. Toyotero

    CL find: 1991 Toyota truck - Denver

    Not my vehicle and I'm not associated with the owner, just a CL find titled xxxxxexpeditionxxxx that popped up in my google alerts.
  17. Toyotero

    La Vida Nica

    When a person looks back on their life, they sometimes refer to having "started a new chapter" but it's not often that in the moment you know that it is happening. My life recently took a change that is bigger than a new chapter, it's more like closing the book and starting the next in the...
  18. Toyotero

    a cool old cruiser

    I saw this for sale on Wed in Johnson City, Texas (West of Austin). It's a cool looking 'Cruiser in need of some serious TLC... Your guess is as good as mine as far as the phone number...
  19. Toyotero

    GPS software modification - new nav app?

    Is anyone into hacking/modding a GPS? I was given an old Magellan Maestro 4000 yesterday, and I've been reading up on how to modify it to improve it's functionality. Since it runs WindowsCE, it's pretty simple to modify. This site got me started. Anyone familiar with administrating Windows...