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    My Adventure Trailer Walkaround Video

    Couldn't stand it any longer. Needed to go camping......My backyard was the destination....
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    Covid Isolation Trailer Project

    I needed a utility trailer and what better time to build one that during isolation......Here is an article I published to my web page with lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy it.
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    My Trailer Build In Pictures

    This pandemic thing has me on a scale of 1-10 for boredom at 11! I needed a project. I want to buy a mid-size garden tractor for use around the property. But I need a way to transport it. So I needed a Utility Trailer. Want to use it for transporting canoes and kayaks and bicycles too. I was...
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    Chinese Diesel Heater Modifications

    Had some time today to "Farkle" the Chinese Diesel Heater today........ Lots of pictures and write up on my web site. Enjoy! Chinese Heater Modifications
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    Horrible Nightmare....Willys

    At the end of WWII, hundreds of acres of closely parked jeeps in Okinawa junkyard. Since they would depress the auto industry if sold, they were all bulldozed into the sea. Trucks too. Thousands and thousands of them. And trailers too! If only we could! We don't need no stink'n HiLift...
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    GOTTAMODIFYITIS...More Farkles on the camp trailer!

    Sewed up a cover for the 5# propane tank out of some material I had left over from a boat project Found a place to store the wheel chocks Installed a piece of PVC tube to store awning poles, diesel heater duct and diesel heater exhaust pipe. Also a couple straps for the camp rug And...
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    RTT Towing MPG.....My Results

    Yesterday I took my new built RTT camping trailer on its first long trip. 50 miles each way. All highway. The tow vehicle is a 2010 Toyota Venza V6 / 265HP. Non towing I get 25 mpg ave, day in, day out...cruising highway at 70mph. With the trailer I got 17 mpg for the entire 100 mile round...
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    Diesel Heater...Relocating control panel???

    My understanding is the thermostat for the ALL IN ONE Chinese diesel heater is in the LED display panel. Makes no sense that this thermostat isn't inside the RTT or camper while being used. Has anyone relocated this panel on a linger wire to be located inside the tent?
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    Diesel Fuel Program ...Save 20% or more!

    If you have an oil burner, this looks very interesting
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    Diesel Heater Mods....

    I played around with my All In One diesel heater today. Built a simple transport case out of plywood Using some scrap 2X2 aluminum, I raised the heater up a bit. Also added a perforated aluminum heat shield on the bottom... Then using some copper pipe, I extended the combustion intake and...
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    RTT Hard Cover....Failure!

    After three versions of a hard cover for my Smittybilt RTT, I've decided that it simply isn't going to work out as planned. I documented all three versions with pictures and videos on my web page and the conclusion. RVB Precision Web Site
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    Camco Propane Tank Tree....stop wiggling!

    I leave my 5# propane tank attached to my trailer as it is too small and too light to safely support a propane lantern and a couple propane hoses. But the Camco "tree" I bought is not secure and leans over no mater how tight the valve is. Camco Tree I fixed it with a couple threaded holes and...
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    Portable Battery Box Pricing / Parts List

    On my web site I penned an article on building a battery box and adding an inverter and DC to DC charger. Folks are asking how much did all this cost. To be honest, I never added it up until now.....Hope this helps RVB Precision Web Site Link...
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    Diesel Heater and CO...No Alarm...More

    I received a new Diesel Heater from AMAZON.....I fueled it with K1 Kerosene.....I placed a brand new CO detector 3' from the exhaust.....Ran it for one hour in an enclosed alarm. I then took a three week old CO detector from the house and placed it next to the other CO detector...
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    Diesel Heater and CO...A Review

    Received my Diesel all in one heater from AMAZON yesterday. As most thing I get from China via AMAZON it was a bit beat up. Terrible packaging for such a journey. But all fixable as it was all just bent sheetmetal. Link to 5kw Diesel Heater I put all the pieces together, and I filled it...
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    AMAZON deal of the Day...Aplicool Refrigerator $220

    Just saw this on AMAZON this morning...I have no affiliation, just an FYI Amazon Deal Of Day
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    Chinese Diesel Heaters...Update??

    I'm looking to add one of those self contained Chinese diesel heaters to my RTT . Anyone have any updates after using one for some length of time? Looking at this unit...
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    DIY 5 pound propane tank bracket

    Didn't have room in the overland trailer for a 20# tank, and don't need that much propane on three day trips. Bought a "miniMe" 5# tank from Manchester Tanks. Needed a bracket to mount on the outside of the trailer. Dug out the TIG welder this morning and had my way with some...
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    Subaru Forester or Outback...Which one and why?

    Looking to purchase a used Subaru. There is a bewildering number of models and options available. Looking to keep it under $20K Not a hard core off roader. Muddy forest roads would be biggest challenge Towing a 1000# camping trailer and wanting at least 25mpg while towing and more when not...
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    LOWES trailer conversion...DONE!

    THIS was a challenge. In hindsight, it would have been easier to simply sell this trailer and build a "square" one from scratch. There was no one 90 degree angle anywhere on this trailer. Every piece I added had to be hand fitted to try and get it even close back to square! But I think it came...