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  1. Hilldweller

    Knife thread

    I just ordered a folding chef knife for my camp cooking. Hard sucker to find and it will take a while to get here. sigh
  2. Hilldweller

    Looking for Good, Entry Level Knife Sharpening Kit Recommendations

    Dude, enjoy it. Knives are a basic tool. And/or a work of art. There are so many quality knives out there, some with personalities, some completely utilitarian. Some funky, some outrageous, some too pretty to use. But a dull knife is dangerous. And a really nice knife sharpened badly is a...
  3. Hilldweller

    Looking for Good, Entry Level Knife Sharpening Kit Recommendations

    I have some fine whetstones and a double-sided strop too. But it's so much more time consuming, makes me concentrate, and the Wicked Edge is more fun to use....
  4. Hilldweller

    Looking for Good, Entry Level Knife Sharpening Kit Recommendations

    Every blade will have a unique angle to its secondary bevel. Therefore, the nonadjustable cheapie sharpeners are the Devil to a knife. Devil. I've got a Wicked Edge with a few extra stones. You find your angle and make a perfect edge every time with very little learning curve. Or you can...
  5. Hilldweller

    Knife thread

    New EDC, Civivi "Little Fiend" in a stainless Damascus. Nifty little flipper. 3" blade, ball bearing flipper action that's smoother than warm butter, perfect amount of detent, liner lock that needs no breaking in, G10 scales with enough traction for decent grip. Simple, elegant, sharp as all...
  6. Hilldweller

    Knife thread

    Some budget folders on sale, Bestech flippers with G10 scales and D2 steel, on bearings. $40 for a sharp flipper in D2 is a great deal.
  7. Hilldweller

    Costway Fridge

    I've got the 44 in the back of my offroad teardrop. It's resting on a 1" dense foam bed and I wrapped it in the same 1" foam ----- in my 86 degree garage, the outside of the fridge was 73-74 degrees without the foam and 84 degrees with the foam.... It's been in there almost a year and still...
  8. Hilldweller

    First aid kits, what is in yours?

    I carry a blow-out kit with Israeli Bandages, Quick Clot, tourniquet, shears, gloves. Stop the Bleed stuff. And a big boo-boo kit. A triage kit. An AED. I drove an ambulance a LONG time ago. I'm a CERT instructor now, volunteer when needed for SAR or K9SAR, play with the ARES team. I try to...
  9. Hilldweller

    Where can I find HP Brown Sauce in the U.S.?

    HP doesn't make brown, just cyan, yellow, magenta, black.
  10. Hilldweller

    Bathing Question

    We're teardroppers too. This was only $100 when I got it. Works great.
  11. Hilldweller

    New must-have Dutch oven accessory?

    All in all, it works. If you can imagine yourself using it often, grab one. Like I said in the previous post, I usually don't even bring it along. I've got a ScottL for griddling so I don't use the Dutch lid for that (too small anyhow), using the Dutch upside down to make pizza was interesting...
  12. Hilldweller

    Help me narrow it down: retail trailer edition

    Good luck. I think America is closed for the next month or so.
  13. Hilldweller

    Is There A Good Thread Out There Already for Bad Cooks?.......

    I love to cook and think up recipes as I roam through the grocery store. I can taste them in my mind and then go home and make them happen. Sometimes I reverse engineer from a restaurant. And there are a couple of restaurants that I go to and swap recipes with the chef. But for camping I...
  14. Hilldweller

    Tembo Tusk Scottle Recipes, Tips and Tricks

    Corey, I'm vegan for 8 years now. If you have an Asian grocery store near you, check out the frozen food section for the brand Verisoy ---- the veggie ham is great and makes fantastic stirfry or fried rice. Verisoy makes quite a few products that are yummy. I made the fried rice at Country...
  15. Hilldweller

    Meaner Bean

    Pic of how we do it, hunkered down for cold/wet/windy weather. This was mid January in the mountains. The EZ-Up is a commercial type with cross bracing. Rain happens...
  16. Hilldweller

    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    No kidding. This campground is 16 miles from my house: I've always looked up at a campsite, inspected the trees. I look a little harder since that kid was killed. Horrible.
  17. Hilldweller

    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    Cool, Chad. Even better demo than when you beat on your trailer with a hammer.
  18. Hilldweller

    Meaner Bean

    If I could draw it up, there'd be under-bed storage accessible from outside the trailer. I've got about 3.5" of under-bed storage that's used for worst-case emergency supplies because it's a major PITA to access. It's basically a waste. Other than that, no complaints except for the weight...
  19. Hilldweller

    Patriot Campers

    Look up Tim Bates --- runs overlanding tours in the Victoria Highlands. He'd be a great source of info. If you're on LinkedIn: