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    Shortening A TC

    just wondering if anyone has shortened a had side truck camper before? Or if anyone could enlighten me on how difficult it would be ive been tossing the idea around in my head for a few months now on if i want to shorten my camper from about 8 feet to maybe 6 i was thinking getting rid of the...
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    wondering opionions

    i was just wondering if anyone has added offroad lights to the front of the camper? ive been tossing that idea around lately and was just curious.
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    opinions needed

    hey all i just need some opinions i might be trading my 01 ram 2500 diesel for a 89 ford ranger customized just want to know what you all think heres the info on both the ranger and my ram. thanks jason first the ram...
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    thinking about trading in the power wagon :S

    Ok I'm thinking about trading in the power wagon for an 05 3500 dually that's already lifted taller then the power wagon and exhaust is done intake done running 33s on it just want to get peoples opinion about it. I really don't use the power wagon for what it's intended to be used for I never...
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    thoughs needed

    i have a set of aluminum wheels that i was thinking about tossing on the power wagon to replace the steel wheels i have on the new set would be 18 inch sorry for the crappy pics from my iphone lol
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    Finally replaced

    i finally got new diff covers for the power wagon i picked up some rock crusher front and rear and i love them so much heavier then the stamp steel and they look awesome what do you guys think??
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    ok i wired my fog lights a few months ago and since then i have had some problems well only one i had the lights working all the way to calgary during dec but on the way back they stoped working it has happend before but i dont remember how it fixed it self any suggestions would be wicked thanks...
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    My slow build

    heres a update on my slow build got some new bumpers rampage recovery bumpers front and rear as well as a 8500 superwinch yay only have a few more things on the list that i want to do to this jeep then she is done lol
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    Wheel Balancing

    how do you guys balance your oversized tires?? i have tried the conventional lead on the wheels but i keep loosing the balance i am getting sick and tired of that lol. so what do you guys use??? thanks Jason.
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    Quick question

    hey my dad has a 99 land cruiser 100 series. he has a 2 inch ome lift full arb bumpers/side steps and he is running 285/75R16 bfg ats i am just wondering who else is running these tires and what they are running in form of psi?? thanks Jason. heres some pics
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    my first bike

    heres my first bike its a 1987 Kawasaki KDX 200
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    trailer help

    i have a 08 baja 10 y and i want to take off the standard ball hitch and put on a pintle or something that would allow me to actually take my camper to more remote areas with 360 ish degrees of movement any suggestions on how this could be done would be awesome (or if it can be done). so i can...
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    Heres my expo vehicle

    as the title says heres my expo vehicle