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    Helping a friend find a stock 04 TLC

    Let me start with a disclaimer: even though we had a 03 4runner that we put 180k+ miles on, I’m a rover guy and know next to nothing about the LC. But I love 4x4s so when a friend asked me to help him find a stock low millage 04 Land Cruiser, I couldn’t say no. So can I get an education...
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    2003 Toyota 4Runner V8 - 243k miles

    2003 Toyota 4Runner with the legendary V8 and immaculate service history. No expense was spared with regular and preventive maintenance to include new timing belt & water pump, new radiator and hoses, new battery, new spark plug wires and spark plugs, new genuine Toyota shocks with Xreas...
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    First mod to an LR4?

    I think I know what most folks will say, but I'll ask anyway... Thoughts on the first modification to a LR4? It will be our daily driver and primary adventuremobile.
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    2 burner camping stove recommendations?

    I'm about to use my REI coupon and dividends to buy a 2 burner portable camp stove... Any recommendations? Any suggestions on what to look for and what to avoid?
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    Looking for an LR4 with rear locker.

    So I'm looking for a 2013 v8 with the locker or 2014 v6 with the HD package. I have a solid leed with a dealer, but I wanted to cast a wider net and see what else is available. I'd rather work with a rover enthusiast. And I know- I don't need the rear locking diff. [emoji41] Sent from my...
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    Auxiliary light mounting options for 4th gen 4Runner

    Hey folks, I have a stock 03 4Runner limited V8 and I want to add some lights to the front end without changing the bumper and without destroying the approach angle. I have some PIAA bulbs in the low beams and fogs, and did a quick mod that allows me to run the fogs with the hi beams. Maybe...
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    Anyone interested in a Fuji x100s?

    I am selling my like new Fuji x100s with a spare battery. It has less then 1000 shutter actuations and is in 10/10 condition. $650 shipped for forum members. - One life. Live it.
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    T4R traction control and center diff lock question

    I have an 03 limited, V8 with full time 4wd. I have read conflicting accounts about the interplay between the center diff lock and the traction control. Scenario A: with the center diff lock engaged, the traction control is disabled. Scenario B: with the center diff lock engaged, the...
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    New KO2s on a bone stock 4Runner

    275/70/17 on stock wheels and no lift. The ride is more firm but there's no rubbing. They are very quiet at 90mph. Hoping to explore some forest service roads this weekend. One life. Live it.
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    2003 4runner v8 high milage service and maintenance

    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 4Runner V8 limited with 192k miles. Naturally, oil changes get done regularly. I put in new brake pads front and rear and new front rotors last summer... The dealership flushed my transmission fluid around the 130k mile mark and the water pump and timing belt...