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    1995 2500 4WD Diesel Suburban

    My Uncle is selling his 1995 2500 4x4 Diesel Suburban. His post is very detailed and goes through the pros / cons. He has had it the past 17 years and I grew up in this vehicle. (I am 27 now) It is no show queen by any means, but it would make a great overlanding project especially with the...
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    94 Bronco Daily Driver/Wheeler Build

    Hey guys, I have built my Bronco up over the past three years with the help of my dad, and other friends. My goal is for it to be reliable, functional , and look cool at the same time. I use it mostly for daily driving, but occasionally I take it down a few trails or on the beaches down here...
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    94 Eddie Bauer Bronco Build

    I have been building my Bronco up over the past two years and just wanted to share. I have been going for realiability, performance, and lookin good as well. I bought my Bronco when I was 15 on ebay from Florida. I had it shipped here on a truck. -Heat Buster Radiator w/ new Hoses, -Police...