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  1. Josh41

    Frontier Hitch Bike Tray, Open tailgate?

    Just got a few new bikes and looking for a hitch mount bike rack with trays. Anyone have any experience? Hoping to find one that I can open the tailgate with the bikes on when it tilts down. I had a swing away (Yakima Swing Daddy), but new bikes won't work on it. The tray racks with swings...
  2. Josh41

    Fantastic Vent. 01810

    Free Fantastic Vent. This was a 1200 with motor, I took out the motor for my FWC. All parts to install a vent except the motor. Free, pickup only in 01810.
  3. Josh41

    Aux Battery Atwood Connection Question and ACR 7611 too

    I'm running an aux battery in my truck bed for the Habitat, noticed fridge turned off from low voltage, no milk for coffee. Got home and started poking around with the volt meter. Aux battery in truck bed at 11.41 volts. Truck running 13.99 volts at batt, 13.97 past ACR(not sure why passing...
  4. Josh41

    2nd Battery in Truck Bed, How Did You Mount?

    I have a second battery set up in my truck bed to power my AT Habitat and fridge, how did you secure your battery in your GFC, Habitat, Summit, OVRLND, etc? I don't have room in the engine compartment and don't want to start moving stuff. Just looking to see how you tied down to handle off...
  5. Josh41

    FS: Airbag Lift Spacers

    Yes, if you lift, you need a spacer to support your airbag. These are 2" Firestone spacers. Just $30 shipping is on you from 01810. I switched to Daystar Cradles and no longer need.
  6. Josh41

    SOLD FS: Oz Tent RV4

    SOLD Pick up only. NE Massachusetts. RV4 Oz Tent, side panels and front panels, and floor saver. Excellent condition, all bags and poles. No issue at all. I bought local from someone who used them 1X. I set them up, it is all perfect, then I bought an AT Habitat, so my loss is your gain. All...
  7. Josh41

    FS: Diesel Heater and some parts

    $150 Andover MA, 01810 No Shipping. I jumped on the diesel heating wagon this winter, I was trying to find a way to heat my "no heater" FWC. Sold the camper and don't need this heater any longer. This is an Ebay diesel heater made in China. It is one of the newer versions with the digital...
  8. Josh41

    FlipPac Tacoma Frontier Compatibility??

    Anyone know if FlipPacs are compatible between Tacomas and Frontiers? I know that most ARE and Leer caps are not, but I am asking as AT Habitats are!!! Thanks in advance.
  9. Josh41

    Cargo Conversion Questions Before I Start

    Sold our FWC and thinking of buying a small cargo trailer to set up as a base camp and be able to use the truck to explore, carry bikes, and kayaks. The plan is a 4x6 cargo trailer that is about 48" tall inside (for sale locally, great price). Then add an awning and Oz Tent, RV3,4,or 5. This...
  10. Josh41

    SOLD: FWC Fleet Shell New England (New Price)

    Deposit Taken: I'll update if anything changes. Four Wheel Camper Fleet Shell 2017 (just looked at my paperwork, it is a '17) $10,900 $9,900 Located Just north of Boston, MA Very Light (Tag says 660) I weighed it at just over 700# with battery (without jack stands) Fits 6 foot bed Tacoma...
  11. Josh41

    NE Winter FWC

    Took the wife and 10yo out this weekend skiing and camping in our Fleet Shell (no propane). A great time was had and we learned and observed a few things worth sharing. We stayed at a campground in central NH with electricity, we had a 1500 watt electric heater and an electric blanket. The...
  12. Josh41

    FS: Fantastic Vent (no fan) New

    This is a Fantastic fan with out the fan. Includes everything but the fan (I took it out to add to my camper). Brand new. This is perfect if you are looking for a second vent in your camper or truck shell. These go for about $50 new, It is taking up space so $25 and its yours. I would rather...
  13. Josh41

    Diesel 5k Heater in FWC Fleet Shell

    OK, My heater came in, and I was able to unbox it today. I am dying to set it up calls. Skiing tomorrow then NYE party. Here are a few pics as I unpacked, I'll post my progress for those of you that are interested. The heater unit was packed well in an air pocket bag, most parts were...
  14. Josh41

    East Coasters in Co

    Sad to be leaving Colorado after a three week family expedition in our Nissan Frontier and FWC Fleet. It was our best adventure yet including a 14,000 foot peak, parts of the Alpine Loop, lots of dirt, mountain passes, hail, snow, rodeos, rivers, canyons, cool mountain towns, waterfalls, and...
  15. Josh41

    My Attempt at Finding a way to Navigate in Colorado/Wyoming, help needed.

    Vehicle: Nissan Frontier and FWC Goal: (Starting in Massachusetts) then- Mt. Rushmore, SD, through Wyoming and then about 3 weeks in CO. As much off road as possible (within the limits of my truck), and only using 1 app. So far: We have spent some time out west roaming around, MT, CO, and a...
  16. Josh41

    Maxsa Escaper Buddy Tractionn Matts

    So, the cheap side of me saved $180 and bought these on Amazon as piece of mind for a trip. 10k miles later I finally used them in NH this past weekend. They did not break as many have complained of cheaper traction matts, they do shoot out pretty fast though. There is no grip on the bottom...
  17. Josh41

    My wheel base is so long...

    I wanted to start a thread about what you CAN DO with your long wheel base expedition vehicles. Let's keep it to over 130 inches. Although I feel limited to easier trails, we still manage to get around. Bonus points for pictures! This is my 2016 Frontier, 139.9 inches. You know what...
  18. Josh41

    SOLD FS: Yeti Tundra 45 White (Mass/NH line) Lower Price

    SOLD Lower Price!! Yeti Tundra 45 White Excellent condition Includes the wire basket and drain plug. A few stickers ( I can take them off) First $220 takes it. Local pick up only Moving to Fridge
  19. Josh41

    Truck Camper Dolly (Trailer) to get into garage

    Time to get the camper off the truck and into the garage. My garage is only 6' tall and the FWC (Fleet Shell, 700#) on the truck is 7'. So I was planning on building a dolly with casters and tow bar to put it in and out of the garage. After looking at the cost to build the dolly, I realized it...
  20. Josh41

    11 lb Propane tank FS New

    SOLD I have an 11 gallon Worthington propane tank that I don't need. It has ever been used. I got it last June at HD. Vertical. Located in Mass at intersection of 93 and 495. $50 There is a propane fill about 2 miles from my house, I could meet you there. Sent from my SM-G950U using...