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  1. camodog

    Camodog Gladiator Build Thread

    I have never done one of these before. But I figured I should document my experiences of building up the gladiator and what works and what doesn’t. There are so many keyboard cowboys and just bad info out there that I wanted a good reliable place and 1st hand results of building a gladiator. We...
  2. camodog

    3 wheeled motion

    My 1st video. Having fun on the trail.
  3. camodog

    Anyone know this Unimog?

    I saw this truck with German plates driving on W I-70 in Denver this weekend. I believe the driver is from the Mansfeld-Südharz region. I am curious of the trip report and where they started and where they are going.
  4. camodog

    Hardtop hoist and crank for LJ

    Will fit CJ, TJ, YJ with some modifications. $100 denver pick up The TJ LJ soft top header bars are also available 2 at $25 each
  5. camodog

    2006 Ford Sportsmobile 6.0 4x4

    I found this on craigslist, it is about $30k more than I can spend not mine, no affiliation etc.
  6. camodog

    my dirty wee

    Went exploring today. here are some poser shots
  7. camodog

    Pirelli may become Chinese owned

    Sad day for the motorcycle and car world. Pirelli may become owned by the Chinese government. Luckily, I made the switch the Continental a few years back, but this is still sad news none the less. What are...
  8. camodog

    Coleman 100qt Xtreme Wheeled Cooler $50 obo possible trade

    In great shape, holds ice well and is not beat up by any means. It is too big for our needs and I just bought a smaller 50 QT cooler and need to sell this one for $50 cash obo. Local pick up in Denver or you pay shipping from Denver. belowis the link to the Coleman website...
  9. camodog

    A few misc Jeep TJ parts

    I have a set of bows and header bar for the soft top that came off a 97 TJ - $75 I also have the stock rear bumper with out the bumperettes - Free Finally I have the hardtop hoist for the TJ (not LJ or JK or JKU) does not have the cum-along just the T bracket to lift the hardtop to the ceiling...
  10. camodog

    Turbo Grand Cherokee? hmmmm

    Pentastar may go turbo as early as next year. Not sure how I feel about a turbo'd wrangler. Or an 8 speed auto Wrangler. But the times are a changin
  11. camodog

    America's Best 4x4 Let the debating begin.
  12. camodog

    Ultimate 2 car garage

    ****See the new rules and guidelines under post #72 on page 8**** This is supposed to be a fun exercise, please do not take it too seriously. I got this idea from an article I read recently. You have to choose two vehicles to fill your garage. Your budget is $75k. be creative, list your...
  13. camodog

    It's a jeep thing

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread of fun/crazy/weird things jeep owners that use their vehicles on a daily basis have to sacrifice and/or put up with for driving with their hearts instead of their brains. I will go first with an easy one- The dreaded death wobble. It seems like no...
  14. camodog

    Baby Jeep 2015 Renegade? What do you think?
  15. camodog

    WTB: Wilderness Rear Bumper/Tire Carrier and jerry can holder with rack. Denver, CO

    Looking for someone that wants to sell their rear bumper tire carrier setup in the Denver area. I found one on CL today but it was sold. Must be for a TJ / LJ no JKs. Send me a PM with pics, local pick up. Thanks.
  16. camodog

    Another rear bumper and tire carrier question

    I am starting to gather information for my next large purchase on my LJR. I wanted to get some opinions on the different rear bumpers with tire carriers. I have narrowed my choices down to the following items and wanted more feedback on quality, weight, design, etc. Money is not necessarily...
  17. camodog

    Local Colorado company selling products at Denver Int. Airport

    I saw a booth selling portable solar products at DIA. I went home to look up the company and they are here in Thornton CO only about 2 miles away from my house. If anyone has any info or experience with their products please let me know. I would love to support a really local business...
  18. camodog

    2007 HOST f550 4x4 CC (Poor mans earthroamer?)

    This is not mine, no affiliation, I didn't even know this brand existed. I thought it was cool, not a bad price, and I would buy it and slowly modify....if I had the money. LOL and before the hounds are unleashed, I do realize that it is not...
  19. camodog

    Aerostich elkskin insulated gauntlet gloves 10.5 black

    So I bought these gloves and wore them exactly once. They are too small. So my loss is your gain. Since they are not in "brand new" condition I am unable to return them. They are great gloves but too small for my fat fingers. i will upload some pics when I get home today. I paid $133 + shipping...
  20. camodog

    WTRent Pop up truck camper in DENVER for the 4th

    As the title says, my wife and I are going on a short trip for the 4th of JULY. And we are looking for someone that will allow two responsible adults and their little dogs use their camper if they are not using it for the week. We have never owned one and it is hard finding one to rent that...