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  1. biglowt

    Rhino Rack/Pioneer Rack

    76" x 54" Rack is $750-900 new plus $100 shipping. Also have mounting feet for LX470/100 series. $250+ new. Rack alone for $700 obo without solar panels. Rack and mounting feet for $900 obo. Rack, feet and 80W solar panels in pic $1000. Located in Peoria, AZ
  2. biglowt

    Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 295/70r18, less than 4k miles on Tundra wheels

    Bought in Nov. Less than 4k miles. No plugs or cuts. Mounted on blacked out Tundra wheels. Bolt pattern fits Tundra, Sequoia, LX470, 100 series cruiser. May fit 200 series but not sure. Paid over $1600 for tires and rims. Located in Peoria, AZ $1000 obo.
  3. biglowt

    2000 Tacoma 2.7L 3RZ Motor

    3RZ from 2000 Tacoma 4x4 5spd. 90k miles. Bought for a project that just isnt going to happen. Everything on the engine is there, Complete less exh manifold and starter. All sensors, ac comp with lines, power steering, harness and ecu. Have an alternator that will bolt up to motor and will...