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  1. johnnyrover

    Need some schooling on 2010ish Land Rover Range Rover HSE

    Considering getting one, but know nothing about them.
  2. johnnyrover

    Full sets of NA Gazetteers

    So, I am looking to put together full sets of the Delorme books for all states/provinces in NA. Realized I already had a handful of them, and figured a full set would be a great addition to my library. If there is interest, I could possible put together a few additional sets.
  3. johnnyrover

    Anyone ever converted a fire truck

    Was thinking about picking this up and converting it into a camper:
  4. johnnyrover

    D1 Cargo Cover

    Cleaning out the garage and came across a cargo cover from one of my old D1 rovers. Tan in color, great shape. Best offer takes it. Shipping from 54636
  5. johnnyrover

    2002 Suburban - $7000

    Located in Holmen, WI The Good: 160k miles, 8 Passenger tan Cloth seating, Mechanically Sound, 4x4, great tires, New front rotors and pads, 2 inch body lift The Bad: I have 5 kids, so the interior is dirty/stained and a few buttons/switches are missing. Outside has a long keyed scratch...
  6. johnnyrover

    The VAN Plan

    After the 4th child and a new business, all the Rovers left the garage, but overland travel still haunts me. (sites like this don't help either) The business went south, so I have some time to start fresh. I finally had the wife convinced on purchasing a suburban, with plans swimming in my...