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  1. honda50r

    For Sale: 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4WD w/upgrades & modifications - expedition ready - CT - *PRICE DROP $7999*

    I remember when this was originally for sale, it was a great price. The importation scared me away but I'm glad someone stepped up and brought it in. Sweet truck with a metric twist
  2. honda50r

    SOLD -Basecamp F550- Custom Expedition Overland Camper- Lots of Pics

    Yes there must be more to this. I'm trying very hard to imagine a legitimate reason this has not sold
  3. honda50r

    Roadtrip from Texas to North Carolina 2018 (Nemo Tunnel, Hurricane Creek Trail)

    Welcome to our neck of the woods. I hope you enjoyed yourself and people treated you with good southern hospitality. Were you camping at Paint Mountain on the French Broad?
  4. honda50r

    WTB: RTT East TN, North GA/AL

    Check out the CVT guys down there. You would be surprised at the pricepoint of the used tents they refurbish and occasionally have in stock. Seriously, about the same price you're willing to spend
  5. honda50r

    FS: Never used WARN M-8000s winch, multi-mount cradle, extras - $1049 (Bozeman, MT)

    I sent you a PM in regards to the tree strap a few weeks ago, haven't heard back. Is this stuff sold?
  6. honda50r

    CVT Pioneer 55" awning

    Surely I am missing something...that price is supposed to be $200, correct?
  7. honda50r

    WTB: 1st Gen Tacoma in Southeast

    Also check out Tacoma World. That forum is buzzing with activity
  8. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    Picked up a pre-owned Mt Rainier 3+ extended tent from CVT for $1000 :)
  9. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    Hey Mike, called CVT in Chattanooga. Thanks for the lead on that! I think they're going to be able and help me out. It's 20% off livestock they have
  10. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    This is good news. Did not know that. I will check it out
  11. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    Very interested! Shot you a PM
  12. honda50r

    Wanted: Roof Top Tent (SouthEast)

    Looking for an RTT located somewhere in the Southeast. Willing to travel if within for a few hours (especially if you have quality mountain bike trails)
  13. honda50r

    WTB: 2nd Gen Tacoma - Ready to Buy

    Bank pre-approval in hand, ready to buy. $20,000ish and below Not picky about built or not built, just looking for a clean example. Only requirement is automatic. Willing to fly in and drive back. Bank pre-approval in hand, ready to buy. I am a recovering Land Rover addict looking for...
  14. honda50r

    Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Expedition Ready (Super Clean)...

    NO! If only it were double cab, seriously have been waiting on an example like this to pop up
  15. honda50r

    M416 trailer with RTT - East TN

    Sent you a message on KnoxOffRoad
  16. honda50r

    Watned: RTT Southeast US

    Located in East Tennessee and willing to travel (As long as there is quality mountain biking nearby) Just recently picked up a solid camping trailer and looking to outfit with a Roof Top Tent. If anyone has one available or has a lead feel free to let me know. Also open to any DIY ideas Alex...
  17. honda50r

    2009 Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab Long-Bed TRD-Sport 4x4 *LOADED* [Knoxville, TN]

    Kevan, Thank you so much for your time last night, I really enjoyed our conversation and loved the truck. Keep me in mind per our conversation and maybe this truck could stay in Knoxville! For anyone interested in this truck it is even cleaner than described and never appears to have...