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    Four Wheel Camper Custom on an old military HMMWV not mine
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    2019 Flatbed Four Wheel Camper on new 4x4 Cummins Ram - $125000 Lake Tahoe Not mine
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    1962 Omg 404

    The mpgs must be awful, I count 14 jerry cans on the roof.
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    Mercedes-Benz Unimog Doka, H-Zulassung, Expeditionsfahrzeug

    People are dropping over $100k on sprinter/promaster builds. No bathroom, just a porto potty and some without 4wheel drive. For less money you could get this...
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    Uro-Camper? anyone have?

    Hey all. Stumbled across this outfit for a flatbed camper, Uro-Camper. From what I can understand they are out of Spain. Campers look pretty sweet. Check out the floor plan in the photo. Has anyone come across these, have one and/or is their someone in the USA doing something similar...
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    FWC Flatbed - 6.5 or 8 ft truck?

    Hey folks. Looking for some real world experience/advice on truck length and flatbed length. I’ve done a search on the site but have not found the answers. Looking towards the future and trying to budget/see how things would work. Our plan is to put a Four Wheel Camper Flat Bed on a full...
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    FWC HAWK Flatbed on Tundra CrewMax, can it work?

    Hey Gang. I’m sure this has been tried/discussed, but I have searched all over the site and also lots of google searches too no avail. Has anyone put a Four Wheel Camper flat bed onto a Toyota Tundra Crew Max? The week link of the crew max is the 5.5 foot bed. IMO the slide inFWC would have...