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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Couldn’t remember if I posted it but here’s my 09 power wagon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much do you really get out

    I defiantly don't get to use mine enough. I try to get multiple smaller trips but it really ends up being one or two larger trips a year. Sent from my RCT6077W22 using Tapatalk
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    2015 Ford F150

    I personally don't rally like it I like the aluminum but I don't like the styling maybe it will grow on me like the current ones did lol ended up buying two lol Sent from my RCT6077W22 using Tapatalk
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    Sweet ski rig

    That's a great idea might have to think about building one maybe a different truck need a4 door for the family Sent from my RCT6077W22 using Tapatalk
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    Shortening A TC

    just wondering if anyone has shortened a had side truck camper before? Or if anyone could enlighten me on how difficult it would be ive been tossing the idea around in my head for a few months now on if i want to shorten my camper from about 8 feet to maybe 6 i was thinking getting rid of the...
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    i made a big mistake trading my power wagon for the ram 3500 then i ended up selling the 3500 and i had the f150 because i traded my rubicon for it. Then a couple years down the road i picked up the second f150 been looking at power wagons again just need to wait for some money lol
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    my old 07 Power Wagon (DAMN MISTAKE GETTING RID OF IT) The Accident that nearly ended it My old 05 Ram 3500
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    flat bed ideas

    should stop looking at flat bed will just make me want to make one for my f150 5.7 bed lol
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    Any Fully built F150 expedition builds?

    thank you had a good idea how you did it now i just have to get off work to do the same lol.
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    wondering opionions

    i was just wondering if anyone has added offroad lights to the front of the camper? ive been tossing that idea around lately and was just curious.
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    Kelly Safari TSR Tire Review

    Good to hear that they wear nicely i just put a set on my 2011 f150 and so far i love them put about 5000 kms on them and i havnt notice any wear yet lol. and a good solid 1200 kms were towing and hauling the campers.
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    Any Fully built F150 expedition builds?

    hey bayou boy could you post pics and info for the front bed bold tie down for the camper that would be great ive been trying to fiqure out a good place to tie mine down
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    Looking at a new Dodge, help me decide!!! (Power Wagon vs Cummins)

    i should stop looking at this topic making me remeber my old power wagon
  14. J

    Looking at a new Dodge, help me decide!!! (Power Wagon vs Cummins)

    well then lol nice looking power wagon i miss mine lol
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    Looking at a new Dodge, help me decide!!! (Power Wagon vs Cummins)

    it really comes down to to what you will use it for ive had both a 07 power wagon and loved it but since i towed more then i didnt i went with a diesel i wish i still had the power wagon time to time but i love the power and economy of the diesel.
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    1976 Scout Traveler, Ultimate Expedition Build

    oh wow i wish i had your talent and tools lol my rigs need alot of work to look that nice lol
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    opinions needed

    thanks for the input guys i just needed a second opinion as i can never trust mine lol........ some mistakes have been made in the past........ huge mistakes lol
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    opinions needed

    hey all i just need some opinions i might be trading my 01 ram 2500 diesel for a 89 ford ranger customized just want to know what you all think heres the info on both the ranger and my ram. thanks jason first the ram...