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    Whynter FM-65G For Sale SOLD

    THIS IS SOLD This is a Whynter FM-65G Fridge/Freezer. I bought it in the summer of 2018 when I had a popup to put under my truck cap. It only got used for a couple of week long trips. It works fine on both 110v and 12v. It's a little scratched up from stuff being packed around it in the truck...
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    2 American Camp Chairs For Sale SOLD

    THESE ARE SOLD I have two American Camp Chairs for sale. I'd really like to sell them as a set as the shipping is going to be crazy for each one alone. I ordered them when they were taking initial preorders so however long ago that was. They are in really good condition but could use a once...
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    FS 2016 Outdoors RV Creekside 23DBS SOLD

    Posting here because this is the most expo worthy travel trailer built. 2016 Outdoors RV Creekside 23 DBS Located in Houma LA SOLD Bunkhouse model Dinette removed and replaced with comfortable lounge chairs. Large swing up cutting board shelf in kitchen Outside kitchen with sink Goodyear...
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    Ram 4th Gen SDHQ A Pillar and BD Fog Mounts SOLD

    I'm replacing my 2014 with a 2019 and these need to go. Used Baja Designs Fog Pocket brackets and wiring adapters. $50 plus shipping Brand new in box SDHQ A Pillar mounts $100 plus shipping Buy both for $150 with shipping. (the BD mounts will be in the SDHQ box) All sold.
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    37" Toyo RT vs Falken AT3W road noise?

    I'm about to order a set of replacement tires and had settled on the 37x12.50r18 Falken AT3W. I just noticed that SimpleTire has the Toyo RT for only $10 more per tire. I've been running Toyo MTs and I'm fed up with the noise and the drag being an MT. Looking for something quieter with less...
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    I might go back down to 35s on my Ram 3500. Thoughts?

    I'm running the 315/70r18 Toyo MTs right now. They are loud. I'm doing ATs next time. My original thoughts were a set of 37x12.50 Nitto Ridge Grapplers or Falken AT3Ws. However two months ago I came across a screaming deal on an Outdoors Rv 23DBS that I couldn't pass up. It's over 7000# dry and...
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    1978 Jeep CJ7

    I bought this Jeep while on a summer camping trip to the Gunnison area and towed it home on a Uhaul trailer. It's just not getting driven much so it needs to go to a good home. Located in Houma, LA. Looking for $6000 OBO. Spec list is as follows. Just over 41,000 miles. 258 I6 with throttle body...
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    Ram HDs with Baja Designs Fog Kits?

    A few weeks ago I installed a BD kit in my Ram 3500 with a set of amber wide cornering Squadron Sports wired to the fogs and a set of clear Combo Squadron Sports as driving lights. I'm really happy with the wide cornering lights as fogs. The spread is great and coverage is really good. On the...
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    Anyone using the Redarc Tow Pro Brake Controller

    I just bought a 2018 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk for my wife and need a brake controller for my bay boat that has an electric over hydraulic system. I don't want one of the big controller boxes under the dash so I'm looking into the Redarc controller. Does anyone have any reviews or opinions of it?
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    Ram HDs with 37s. Do you carry a spare?

    Those of you with HD trucks with 37s and no rear bumper tire carrier. Are you carrying a spare in the bed somehow or are you just fingers crossed that a puncture will be something you can limp home with just plugs in the hole? Just trying to figure out if I really need to be carrying around my...
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    2014 Rockwood 2318G Popup. Axle Flip, 15" E-rated ATs, 100w solar SOLD

    This camper was bought to use for trips to the Rockies and improvements were made to make it work perfectly on long distance trips. The axle has been flipped to increase clearance and make room for LT215/75r15 tires with real speed ratings to allow travel at posted speed limits anywhere in the...
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    Anyone Running Nitto Ridge Grappler 37x11.50s?

    Well is anyone? I put Toyo MT 315/70r18s on my Ram around the first of the year and now with 12k on them they are just getting entirely too loud. I like the size but I know the 13.5" width is a big part of the decreased economy. I also just like tall skinny tires. All of this leads me to the...
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    SOLD: Olympian Wave 3 heater Brand New

    I bought this a year or so ago for a truck camper I no longer own and it's too small for my new camper. It is literally brand new. The box has been opened (ya gotta check out new toys) and it has the cover included. $150obo shipped in the CONUS. Link to heater Link to cover SOLD
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    Magnecor 80242 Plug Wires for Rover 4.0 Brand New

    These are brand new. I found them while cleaning out my garage. Box says they fit 1999-2004 Land Rover V8 except 1999 Disco II. This is the set. $75 with shipping included anywhere in CONUS. Paypal only.
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    Ram 4th Gen Projector HID Upgrade Install and Review

    I've been hating my terrible stock headlights even more since I lifted my truck and finally decided to do something about it last week. I ordered the 35W Morimoto kit from Retroshop. My truck is 2014 3500 Laramie with factory projectors. I ordered the base kit with Canbus adapters...
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    Rollacot and Lightspeed Outdoors XL Mattress Review

    I bought two each of the Rollacot standards and these Self Inflating pads from Amazon. I tried the $200 Thermarest Basecamp stuff at Cabelas and it was hyper comfy but there was no way I could bring myself...
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    Wood Drawers slide on bedrug?

    I'm looking for a simple solution to add a drawer system to my Ram. I want to use the EZTube system detailed in this thread. Because I want to do at least 60"...
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    Can you attach a RR Tagalong tent to an ARB 2500 Awning?

    It looks like the ARB awning and the Rhino Rack Sunseeker use the same style round insert to attach their accessories to the end of the awning. The additional length of the ARB awning would be really nice with the height of my truck. Does anyone know if they use the same diameter track for their...
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    Awnings on Truck Toppers. Pics? Suggestions?

    I have a Ram HD with a Leer Topper with the Thule tracks. There will be little if any sleeping in the topper as we are looking for a rough road capable travel trailer to pull behind. I'd like something to mount to the truck rack to give us some shade on day trips away from the camper. The...
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    Rhinorack Foxwing Discontinued?

    I just went to look at the dimensions of the Foxwing on the Rhinorack website and it is no longer there. Only the small Foxwing 2.1 is on the site. Same thing at Etrailer. Anyone know if it is gone for sure?