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  1. lgrt

    DIY Automatic Tire Inflator

    When most of us leave the pavement we air down a little to make the ride more comfortable and gain traction. But I hate to air back up when the pavement returns because it always seems to be muddy, cold, or dark and sitting next to the tires while they inflate lacks entertainment value. After...
  2. lgrt

    The Critical (constructive) Feedback Wanted on Videos Thread

    Help wanted! The genre of overland adventure films (videos) is different then most other genres. Part documentary, part entertainment, part who knows what... and there are not a lot places to get constructive feedback as all of us try to hone our craft (hobby) of sharing with the world what...
  3. lgrt

    still the most importan meal...

    I love camp breakfast. it is the one meal I'm not cooking in the dark... yea I'm not an early riser. My go to is chorizo and eggs... Hevos Ranchero... Plain or wrapped in a tortilla with cheese. Simple to make and so damn good. I swear magic happens and they become cholesterol free when...
  4. lgrt

    Steens Overland Adventure - SE Oregon

    The Steens Mount area in the southeast corner of Oregon's high desert is amazing. The United States Congress designated the Steens Mountain Wilderness in 2000 and it now has over 170,200 acres. This is one of the last places in the USA where you can find wild mustang, deer, antelope and big...
  5. lgrt

    official Huevo Ranchero recipe thread

    So on an overland adventure, a camping breakfast of eggs and chorizo sausage is my idea of living the dream. Sure there are more healthy choices but is there a better overland breakfast than eggs and cheap spicy sausage meat like substance? Just about every culture has a take on this (eggs and...
  6. lgrt

    GX470 overland swing out bumper

    Recently I was lucky enough to spend the day at Metal Tech 4x4 as they installed their new overland rear bumper for the Lexus GX470... Here is a quick introduction to the Pegasus and the reason i'm now hunting around for a GX470 of my own to build out.
  7. lgrt

    Crossing the Cascade Mountains on the Historic Naches Wagon Trail

    Although not the easiest route it does remove about 100 miles of blacktop. Anyone considering an adventure that includes crossing Washington States Cascades Mountains should add the Natches Wagon Trail to their route. Off road adventure, history and spectacular scenery make this a great route...
  8. lgrt

    Exploring Washington's Naches and Cascade Mountains Video

    Had a little time to get away so pulled together the team and headed over the mountain pass following the historic Naches Wagon Trail and than wonder around the east side of the mountains. And let's face it... nothing better than rich coffee, good friends and a little fun when out...
  9. lgrt

    Had them drive blindfolded - spotting on the trail

    Typically as overlanders we are not spending as much time spotting vehicles through obstacles as the rock crawler guys. But we do occasionally do find ourselves in a tight spot and need a little help to squeak through. How comfortable are you at spotting others or being spotted on the trails?
  10. lgrt

    Baja off road adventure

    (HD Video) --> Baja Off Road Adventure Video of the trip. The stories and pictures of the adventure and all parts along the way: Baja Adventure Part 1 – Tijauna to Ensenada; Off Road Adventure Baja Adventure Part 2 - Mike's Sky Ranch ; Off Road Adventure Baja Adventure Part 3 - So This...
  11. lgrt

    transfer case oil change video

    I know most folks here know how to work on their rig but since there are also new guys getting into overlanding I thought this might help. Doing your own simple maintenance is a good way to learn about your rig. It helps you better understand your rig if something goes wrong in the field and...
  12. lgrt

    Changing rear dif oil video (FJ Cruiser)

    Thought I would post up this write-up and video on changing the rear differential oil on a FJ Cruiser. How to change rear differential oil It is an easy maintenance activity and I hope this helps others by giving them the info and confidence to do some of their own maintenance. It's a great...
  13. lgrt

    spicy black bean chorizo stew

    Since posting this recipe we've received lots of emails and comments telling us how good it is so thought we would share with the forum here. camping black bean chorizo stew
  14. lgrt

    Real Tire Test Video and Writeup

    Thought we would post up our review on the Falken Rocky Mountain ATS that we put on our rig a while back and now have a good feel for them. Not a consumer reports, measure tread depth, count plys, by the numbers review... but a real world this is how we use tires driving to work and wheeling...
  15. lgrt

    DIY GPS project

    Decided I needed a little tech project to get lost in. Out of mostly free stuff built my mobile GPS tracking system to take on the road. Check out DIY Mobile GPS System for the write up on what we used and how it came together. Hope it helps and appreciate any feedback.
  16. lgrt

    4 days in Naches (pics and stories)

    Headed over to the naches area with the NWFJCC. It was a great time camping wheeling and than taking the old wagon train trail back over the pass... I don't want to spoil the ending but i'm still not sure my shorts are clean. Added some video from day 1, 2 and 3. We'll see when the next one...
  17. lgrt

    how to change spark plugs video

    I have found the better you know your rig the better prepared you are when your out in the middle of nowhere... So I finally got around to changing the spark plugs on my fj cruiser and I did a write up and video. I hope it helps someone who is thinking about doing their own work and a little...
  18. lgrt

    How To Mount Tires on Beadlockers Wheels

    The hard core guys know this but have you ever wonder how beadlocker wheels work or how you mount tires on them? Here is a how to video and write-up showing you how we did it... no fancy tire shop... just the tools you carry on expedition (or should) and a little brute force. mounting tires...
  19. lgrt

    Tire Balance Made Easy (DIY)

    We recently installed our M/T tires on new wheels and instead of the usual lead weights we decided to try tiny high-density ceramic beads... Wrote up all the info (how they work... do they work... how hard are they to install) off road tire balancing on the blog... BTW: I'm carrying an...
  20. lgrt

    Kelty Carport Shelter review

    Recently got a hold of the Kelty Carport Shelter so thought I would take it out for a spin and see how well it works as an overnight shelter out on overland adventures... You can read the review and let me know your thoughts: off road adventure shelter