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  1. johnnyrover

    Price Drop - Overland Ready 2013 Jeep Rubicon

    nice ride, good luck with the sale.
  2. johnnyrover

    SOLD Rust-Free Land Rover Discovery Starter Kit - ARB, Mantec, Newer Engine, U-Joint Axle, 5-SPD Kit, 7-Seater Kit, Spares, etc. (ATL)

    I am just kicking around the idea of building one up, miss my old one. any interior picts?
  3. johnnyrover

    Pics of your favorite fly water

    South Fork of Bad Axe in Wisconsin
  4. johnnyrover

    Are You Kidding Me? Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Seriously Consider Buying This Godzilla of a Truck and Converting It to An Overlander?

    You can get those much cheaper....looked at one for an entirely different reason. They really grab attention.
  5. johnnyrover

    Tent heating ideas for winter camping?

    warm rock wrapped in towel at foot of sleeping bag has worked great. Just don't get the rock too hot, can start a fire....
  6. johnnyrover

    Need some schooling on 2010ish Land Rover Range Rover HSE

    In the past, I had a small fleet of Land Rover Discoveries... I understand what I may be getting into, just no experience with newer Range Rovers.
  7. johnnyrover

    Building 10 Disco 2 vehicles for an expedition company..

    what ever happened to these build outs?
  8. johnnyrover

    SOLD! - 2013 Ford E350 Passenger Ext - Agile 4wd

    do you have any interior pictures
  9. johnnyrover

    Need some schooling on 2010ish Land Rover Range Rover HSE

    Well, at least I have not received any negative responses. Maybe that is a good thing...
  10. johnnyrover

    Need some schooling on 2010ish Land Rover Range Rover HSE

    Considering getting one, but know nothing about them.
  11. johnnyrover

    65 Unimog 404

    interior shots?
  12. johnnyrover

    This is why you never use a trailer ball as an attachment point for a snatch rope or strap!

    Be careful...hooked up to stock bumper, shackle and strap hit him in the shoulder and flew through window. A few inches to the left and it could have killed him...
  13. johnnyrover

    1988 sportsmobile / quigley for trade

    I have a few things: ashtray paddle game remote control matches lamp chair magazine what do you think?
  14. johnnyrover

    SOLD - 1999 k2500 4x4 Chevy Suburban - AZ fleet truck, low miles - Madison, WI

    Besides my XD, I have been looking for another 9 passenger suburban. Will need to come and see it.